7 Beautiful Indoor Water Garden Ideas

Helloshabby.com --  Do you want to grow indoor plants without using soil media? Some plants can grow in water and have low maintenance that you can make as a room decoration.

Indoor water garden ideas are also recommended for those of you who have a small house. Interested in growing water plants at home? Here are 7 beautiful indoor water garden ideas that you can consider growing at home!


 1. Spider plant in water


The first plant that can grow in the first water is the spider plant. This spider plant has a beautiful curly leaf shape. You can put it on mugs and glass for a more elegant look. They can grow in limited sunlight. It is suitable for you to make it as an indoor decoration.

2.  Orchids in water


Orchids include houseplants that have beautiful flowers and have low care. The roots can grow even if you place them in this small glass. Place it in a room with bright light for the best growth.

3. Anthurium in Vases


Another plant that you can grow in water is Anthurium. They have flower colors that can beautify your living room. Place it in a clear vase for a stunning look.

4. Dracaena Gold Ribbon


Dracaena has many types. they have the characteristic of leaves with line motifs. The treatment is also easy, you can add decoration in the form of shells to beautify the look. This plant is believed to bring good luck.

5. Lettuce in a glass


One of the vegetables that you can grow at home is lettuce. Their roots can grow well with just glass media. Suitable for those of you who have limited land.

6. Succulent in water


Succulent is becoming a trending crop this year. They have a unique and beautiful shape. It is suitable to be used as a home decors. They need sunlight, so you can place it near the window.

7. Golden pothos in water


Besides being able to grow in soil, Golden pothos can also grow in water. They have a bright-green leaf color that refreshes the eyes. You can use used unused bottles with colorful shades to beautify the look.

These are the 7 beautiful indoor water garden ideas that can inspire you. Which is your favorite plant? I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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