7 Yellow Interior Design Ideas That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Helloshabby.com -- Yellow is a sunny, bright color. This color is strongly associated with happy emotions. Somehow, when yellow is applied onto interior design, this color can give you comfortable feel, warm and joyful. When the bad days come, but you enter your yellow home, maybe you'll be able to put a little smile on your face. 

So, here are we've gathered 7 stunning, yellow interior design that can be one of your inspirations to create yours. For more detail, keep reading for 7 Yellow Interior Design Ideas That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Yellow balcony with greenery


How about having a yellow balcony in your home? Present a yellow wall on the balcony. The yellow walls will work as a perfect backdrop for a vertical garden. The plant's pot in yellow with the greenery above it make a balcony look so sunny-bright yet so fresh. Moreover, the plants can grow flowers that give a more beautiful look in this yellow balcony. 

White is a must


The simplest way to highlight the yellow color in the interior design is to paint the walls in yellow. On the other hands, you also need to know some colors that go well with the yellow. White is a good choice. The white things will balance out the striking yellow. It will make the yellow bedroom even cozier. 

The window for perfect yellow bedroom


Just imagine. If the bedroom is full of yellow, it is closed without a window. You may feel suffocated on it. So, no matter how small it is, you still need adequate windows on the yellow bedroom. The windows will brighten up the bedroom space, the wood flooring won't make your bedroom too excessive. 

Yellow stairs, why not? 


It is okay if you don't to make your home full of yellow things. You can apply yellow on the small stairs, like this. The yellow stairs look so bright against the neutral color around it. It won't make you scary anymore, when you have to step on the stairs. 

Smart arrangement for yellow walls


Balance the yellow walls with clever arrangements. Choose wall decor in a color that contrasts with yellow. Thus, the yellow walls won't look to flashy and make you dizzy.  Arrange the decorative frames in not so random layout to make the room more dynamic. 

A fresh yellow bathroom


If you have this yellow bathroom, you can make it as a relaxing space. A soak in the bathtub, and accompanied by fragrant aromatherapy candles and yellow lilies, will certainly give you a better-mood. The yellow walls in subway bevel pattern give a big impact on making this yellow bathroom so sunny-bright and adorable. 

Small side yard with yellow walls


If you tend to like a vibrant yard, this yellowish small side yard can be your next inspirations. Paint the walls in yellow, then attach some DIY floating shelves and plant's pot onto the walls. The walls look so lively and unique with these combinations. 

Indeed, yellow color can make us more happy and positive. But, pay attention when you want to apply it on your home. You need to know some good combinations as not to make the yellow interior design look so shabby and too flashy. That's all for 7 Yellow Interior Design Ideas That Will Put a Smile on Your Face. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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