7 Cute DIY Teacup Garden Ideas


7 Cute DIY Teacup Garden Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Mini garden with teacups give a little high decorative touch to take advantage of the items available at home. You can choose various models of tea cups to be used as a medium for various plants. There can be a process of choosing plants that make the decoration item more complete and interesting to fill the corner with the room or garden yard with a vertical concept.


Teacups for herbs


Do it yourself the first thing you can try at home is with herbs. Although utilizing the medium of teacups that have been shabby and used tea is difficult to ignore, this will be more interesting for you to make the room filling beautiful and more refreshing. Starting from mint, rosemary, parsley until the basil is fragrant, you can arrange neatly in one cup for each plant.

Garden with a neat teacup on the shelf


Neatness becomes important when decorating a mini garden at home. Especially if you use teacup media for unique and funny decorations. Tea cups that tend to be small you can make a planting medium for beautiful mini succulents and only have a few stalks.

Beautiful window sill with cactus teacup medium


Still with the same media that is teacup for mini gardens at home. Window sills are one of the most appropriate areas to put ornamental plants in the house. This choice of plant is a flowering cactus with beautiful pink and yellow colors. Other types you can adjust to the size of the cup so that the growth of plants remains large and adorable.

Vertical mini garden with teacup


Besides being able to be arranged neatly on a shelf, making a mini garden around the house with narrow land can use a vertical garden solution like this. Associate the tea cup on the iron fence with a strong, you can choose ornamental plants or vegetables to fill the cup to make it more attractive.

Cups of tea with Boston fern


To provide attractive high decor in the house, the type of Boston fern ornamental plant you can choose. One of them uses a unique and adorable teacup medium. Choose the size of a tea cup that is a little high and large so that this plant can hang beautifully when it has grown.


Fancy cups of tea for succulents


This luxurious teacup design you can use for ornamental succulent plants. Even though it looks new and beautiful without flaws. You can fill this teacup using white natural stone that keeps succulent upright and looks beautiful.

Beautiful morning glory in a teacup


Contrasting colors of morning glory plants and luxurious Mediterranean style tea cups are ready to fill the complexities with the room in the house, such as windowsills and cabinet rooms.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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