7 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden

 Helloshabby.com - Empty terrace at home can make you have monotonous and just make you want to leave immediately. No matter the terrace size that you have, you can decorate it nicely for interest place. Put plants that can make eye catching and stunning view. In addition, by take a place of plants, you will have natural and different atmosphere. Here are 7 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden that can apply. Check it out!

ZZ plants (Zamioculcas)


Small terrace that you have can decorate nicely with put beautiful and fresh plants. ZZ plants or Zamioculcas and grow in terra cotta can put near the entrance door. ZZ plant has wide, attractive, dark green leaves, and boasts many favorable traits for offices and homes.

Ficus lyrata


Ficus lyrata or most called with fiddle leaf fig have small tree and wide leaves. This plant has leaves that heavily veined, and it looks perfect for the ornament. Ficus lyrata has violin shaped leaves that grow upright.

China Fan Palm


Has scientific name Livistona chinensis, China fan palm is the most popular landscape and perfect as indoor potted palms. This plant's features has a slender, single, grayish-brown trunk and will grow tall as a tree. This plant can live approximately 40 years.

Christmas Flower


Christmas flower or Poinsettia is a member of Euphorbiaceae family. This plant native to Mexico and Central America. Grow in wet, moist, wooded ravines and on rocky hillsides. But you can make this plant grow in potted and usually can grow up to 1 meters. This winter plant also can grow up to 3 meters by put at outdoor and grow on land.

Coleus Plant


Coleus is the one that easiest plants to grow and propagate. The leaves that have wide sizes and overall all shapes. This plant great to put at home or garden, especially in those dark drab-looking corners area.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera also called as medical plant. In addition to having many advantages in each cell, this plant can use to decorate your home. Like place at the outdoor or indoor. Aloe vera is the easiest plant that you can grow. Only make watering when the surrounding soil dries will still make Aloe vera still grow well.

Monstera Thai Constellation


Monstera Thai constellation also known as variegated monstera can be tropical plant empire. This plant is the lush houseplant and suitable to grow at indoor or outdoor. Attractive leaves can be adding the interest to the unique foliage.


That are  7 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden that can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

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Author      : Yuniar
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