7 DIY Ikea Pot Hacks to Display Plant In Style


7 DIY Ikea Pot Hacks to Display Plant In Style

Helloshabby.com -- Tired of plant pots from clay and just by modeling just like that. This time you can try a new way with amazing DIY IKEA pot hacks, and you can show off to your friends. In addition to interesting and beautiful, you can fill a variety with plants for a green atmosphere that is free.

Some brilliant idea of DIY IKEA pot hacks are very easy and flexible if you place them in various corners of the house in the interior of your bedroom. I want to know what it's like, Helloshabby.com I've summarized it for you below:

Ikea plant pot with stool


Here you can complete your home interior with IKEA pot from stool that you usually become a seat. This time, you can choose the red with a dynamic blaster motif fabric to fill one type of ficus plant or rubber plant.

But keep in mind, when choosing stool to be used as a place for plants, you should plant first in plastic pots. So that stool in only serves to support the plant to be higher.

Seagrass hanging plants


Ikea pot as free as this can make your indoor plants at home look sweet and amazing. You can crush it on one of the walls that are still empty in the house with a combination of other accessories so as not to look alone and sad.

Especially if you have a small room, this Ikea pot seagrass pot can be an interesting and unique choice.


Great Ikea jars


Everything you need can be loaded in one jar. No exception for plants in the house like this. You can make it look attractive the easy way. Hole each side of the jar so that circulation and moisture and not trapped in one pot. Use a jar whose size is adjusted to the plant so that it does not look lame.

Because it is placed in the room, it's a good thing you replace the soil media with coral rocks or other suggested media.

Modern indoor plant with terrarium media


In terms of price, this is very affordable and easy for you to try at home. By utilizing terrarium media from ikea that can be used as indoor plants pots. The details are unique with patterned geometric shapes. This pot looks like it has a window that can be opened to close. You can use several types of suggested plants, such as succulents or other small plants.

Succulent planter ceramic jar


Ikea pots from ceramic jars can make the corner of your room look attractive and impressive. You can use it to grow succulent plants of one type only. No need to use a pot that is too big and high, you can choose a foot model to make it looks sleek as a space corner decoration or table-top.

Random case IKEA for planters


Unique and random shapes for this plant place can be one solution for those of you who like a new style. In random cases that have a fairly varied model, you can adjust to the size of the plant and its placement. One of them is a tall model that has several spaces.

Use a new model that cans tick to the surface of the wall. A variety of box models, this semicircle is interesting enough to fill a room that is still empty with various types of ornamental plants.

Ikea laundry basket for plant


It's not easy to make the interior of your home look attractive in a new way. Some items can be used to be used as a place for ornamental plants, such as laundry baskets on this one.

Braided with two legs are quite attractive and look sleek, this time you can put it in the corner of the kitchen, bathroom to the living room. Choose the type of plant that can make circulation in the house cleaner, such as snake plant or peace lily.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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