7 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build Easily

Helloshabby.com -- Outdoor kitchens are now getting popular. It's due to its functionality.  You can make grilled chicken freely on the outdoor kitchen. On the other hands, you can also make the outdoor kitchen a relaxing space. Place a set of outdoor chairs then you'll get an outdoor recreation space at home. 

Build an outdoor kitchen seem an ambitious project. But, don't worry, you can even make some things by yourself (DIY). Here are 7 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build Easily

Start by making outdoor kitchen plans


An outdoor kitchen may have a different design. If you can't make your own outdoor kitchen, you can start by making an outdoor kitchen design plan. Make the picture above as inspirations. This outdoor kitchen is designed as an outdoor lounge with a balcony. The balcony area can be used as a pleasant balcony garden.

DIY roof canopy


If you intend to make a freestanding outdoor kitchen, you'll need a roof for shade. You can make a roof of outdoor kitchen by yourself. Build the roof from wooden frame and easy to assemble clay tiles. Make sure the clay tiles are neatly arranged so when the rain comes, it won't wet your kitchen. 

DIY kitchen table


A kitchen definitely needs a table. Here for budget efficiency, you can make an outdoor kitchen table. The table is made from brick with wooden countertops. If you want to be more practical, just placing a wooden table is enough as a place for your grill. 

DIY fence in front of the kitchen table


Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is fun. However, the wind that enters the kitchen area can also interfere with the cooking process. In front of the kitchen table, you can place a solid fence or solid barrier. You can create the barrier yourself. You can paint red plywood to complete the look of the kitchen. But, for safety reason, using iron board can be an option. 

Kitchen cabinets with fridge


This DIY outdoor kitchen plans seem hard to realize. But it doesn't mean you can't do it. The upper cabinet is completed with a small fridge for you to keep the cold drink. Having in outdoor kitchen is more fun with the cold drink, that easy for you to take.

DIY outdoor dining set 


Barbecue at outdoor kitchen will be more cool, when enjoyed outdoors. So, you can make the outdoor kitchen complete with outdoor dining set. Make an outdoor dining table by yourself, like this table. The table was made of concrete, which is equipped with a safe finishing when used for eating out. 

Decorate by yourself


The simplest thing you can do yourself is decorating your outdoor kitchen. You can install floating shelves, a place to display outdoor decorations. Simply, you can put the potted plants on top of floating shelves. An outdoor kitchen will look so perfect with plants decorations.

That's all for 7 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build EasilyHopefully, those ideas are useful for you. Tell us what can we do to make a cozy and perfect outdoor kitchen.

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