7 Eye-Catching Living Room Wall Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- The living room is a room that is visited by many people because of its function as a room to receive guests. As a room that is visited by more people, you need to pay attention to the beauty of the living room. One idea that you can use is to use a living room wall that has beautiful decorations and can also maximize the living room. For that, see the following review of 7 Eye-Catching Living Room Wall Ideas.


Wall with Brick Pattern


In addition to using white wall foam with brick nuances, this living room wall also uses a touch of color and brick motifs produced from the wallpaper it uses. This will give a very beautiful variety to the living room and certainly will not be boring.


Wall and Sofa Color Variations


You will certainly be fascinated by the choice of walls that have these varied colors. In this minimalist living room, use green and red colors that are quite bold but still seem elegant. The choice of wall colors is also supported by this beautiful sofa of different colors, so that the colorful theme in your favorite living room is complete.


White Walls for an Elegant Impression


An elegant impression will certainly appear from the living room, which has a plain white color like this one. You can use simple wall decorations to give a variety of beauty that still radiates. Use a sofa with a choice of soft colors to maintain a simple and elegant impression. 

American Style Wainscoting


Walls with stunning designs are also displayed in the living room using wainscoting walls, which are commonly used in American-style homes. In addition, you can also use a mirror with a window model that can provide variations in shape and a wider appearance because of the mirror used.


Wood Patterned Vinyl Wall


Next, this yellow-themed living room uses two different colors on the walls. On the one hand, this wall uses a plain white color with a wall clock attached directly to the wall. Meanwhile, on the other hand, they use a wood-patterned vinyl wall that is still in line with the purple concept shown.


Gold Tone Wallpaper for a Luxurious Impression


You can see amazing wall wallpapers in this minimalist luxury-looking living room. Using gold nuanced wall wallpaper makes this living room have a luxurious concept that really amazes guests who come to the house. 

Vertical Striped Monochrome Wall


The last idea that you can apply is a monochrome wall with a mix of black and white designed with vertical stips that look clean and tidy. This can make your home have a monochrome concept that is varied and certainly more unique.




That's all for 7 Eye-Catching Living Room Wall Ideas. What do you think about these small porch design and ideas? Tell us your favorites in our Facebook comments section. Hopefully, these ideas are useful for you. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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