7 Impressive Ideas For Kitchen With Skylights

Helloshabby.com -- Lighting a room plays an important role in maximizing the function in it. The kitchen is one area that needs attention in lighting. One smart way that can be done to maximize lighting without having to waste electrical energy at home is to use a skylight roof. The skylight roof is able to provide a minimalist elegant look that has a beneficial function for the surrounding area. For inspiration for a kitchen that looks semi-outdoor with a skylight roof, see the following review of 7 Impressive Ideas For Kitchen With Skylights.



Elegant Masculine Look


This black kitchen design has a combination of wood that makes a simple but stunning variation. Materials with doff finishing increasingly make an eye-catching, elegant impression. Not only that, an important discussion about the transparent roof in this kitchen uses a sun blasting model, which gives the impression of a blurry doff.

Open Plan Concept


Having a fairly large area, this kitchen uses part of its area for an indoor garden that can provide a refreshing green view. The transparent roof design in this area is also collaborated with light ventilation, which has a grid design that looks stunning.

Clean White Kitchen


The white color is known to have a broad, clean impression. Likewise, the kitchen which has a white color also gives the impression of being spacious and clean. Moreover, the use of a transparent roof in this kitchen also provides maximum lighting and makes the appearance wider and brighter as well.

Semi Open Roof Design


In this white kitchen that has a touch of black, think about a linear model arrangement that provides a large space around it, and you can imitate the minimalist space you have. In addition, the transparent roof design makes this kitchen have a bright and vibrant outdoor feel.

Functional Kitchen Area


Take advantage of each area as well as possible to make your minimalist home has a maximum function. Especially if you have a design that can provide innovation that further adds to the function of the room. In the kitchen area that uses a transparent roof, the hallway is used as a kitchen, laundry area, and also a relaxing place with a bright outdoor atmosphere. You can also use a transparent roof in this kitchen area for a drying area that is protected from rain.

Maximizing Scandinavian Concept


The Scandinavian house concept has a characteristic in the form of soft colors with maximum openings so that it will maximize circulation and lighting in the room. This is also applied to a small kitchen that has this Scandinavian concept. Openings that are quite on point are shown in the transparent roof, which provides a bright atmosphere when cooking and also provides a warm atmosphere.



Elegant Luxury Concept


The last design that you can imitate with the application of a transparent roof has an elegant, classic concept that highlights the carvings on the kitchen cabinet. The impression of luxury is also displayed on the gold nuanced frames and also on the marble table, which provides maximum elegant variation. Not only that, the design of the glass roof and also the glass partition used in this kitchen area also makes it look elegant with character.





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