7 Space Saving Indoors Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms

7 Space Saving Indoors Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms

Helloshabby.com -- Currently, you can collect many ornamental plants without worrying about the space in the house becomes narrow. Especially for you lovers of ornamental plants, that are less complete if the room in the house without any plants. There area many ways to arrange ornamental plants that you can try so that the house fits more plants. If considered, actually the main problem is not a matter of size. Expect the science of space utilization. You can find out more how to arrange the interior of the house with various ornamental plants below:

 Arranging plants in space in a vertical way


Storing ornamental plants vertically is more effective in an effort to save space in the house. You just need to use the walls of the room in the house that are still side by side a lot. To store it, you can hang plants that are fused with each other from top to bottom using hemp rope. For a more unique result, choose a plant pot with the same terracotta color. Models like this you can use philodendron type ornamental plants, Tradescantia or other vines.


Using water propagation

The next easy way to arrange plants in the room is by way of water propagation. You can use this method if the size of the room in the house has been limited to add planting shelves again. Choose a type of plants that is suitable if planted in water for a long period of time, such as mint leaves, lucky bamboo, philodendron or spider plant.


Take advantage of the ceiling of the room


Besides being easy and very effective to help freshness and keep the room more natural, utilizing the ceiling of this room can be one you try. If you find land that is side by side only in the ceiling, use this to hang ornamental plants of various types of vines.

If necessary, you can change the roof of the house with a glass roof so that the imagination can enter indirectly.


Using ornamental plant table


The next way that you can try to arrange in the house is to use a plant table. This method is very commonly used in various rooms, especially collectors of ornamental plants.

Utilization of this plant table can be made a multilevel model that each level can fit 2-4 plants at once according to size.


Mini garden on the windowsill


In addition to effective and concise, arranging plants in the house, you can choose a window sill area that fits many ornamental plants of various types such as succulent, herbal plants to indoor plants that propagate. Utilizing the window sill or ceiling around the window of the room, you can try because the lighting received is very helpful to the plant growth process.


Choose type of vine


Not only need a large enough place when arranging ornamental plants in the house. You also require extra care and provide maximum health.

Well, one way that can be tried by choosing one type of vine like this. You can put it in the corner of the room and choose a suitable plant placed indoors.

 Grow plants in the bathroom


In addition to the room in the house that is quite important. The bathroom can be one of the favorite places to put plants because the atmosphere is quite humid. Placing plants with a hanging model or located in a room pot like this is also very helpful for you to take good care of the plants before bathing. 

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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