7 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The choice of color in a room makes one important consideration for its comfort, which functions as a resting place. One of the popular colors in various circles is purple. This purple color is known for its luxurious, beautiful, and elegant impression. In addition, purple is also believed to help increase one's self-confidence, making it suitable for meditation rooms and rest areas that also provide therapy. For further inspiration, check out the following reviews about 7+ Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas.

Soft Purple Color Selection


Has a room that is dominated by purple, this room has a choice of soft colors that do not give saturation, in fact this room which is dominated by purple provides a calming comfortable atmosphere with a beautiful appearance that does not have sharp colors.



Purple Room without Bed


This purple room comes without a bed. So in this room using a mattress that is directly applied to the floor. The purple atmosphere in this bedroom is displayed on one wall with a fairly sharp purple color that seems darker. To overcome a room that looks dark, this bedroom also combines it with another soft color from the purple mattress on this floor.

Interesting Purple Color Combination


For those of you who want to apply purple to the bedroom, pay attention to the color choices that will be combined. As seen in this room, you can apply it to your room with a choice of colors that vary from soft to bold, so that your bedroom appears more varied.



Charming Wall Variations


The next inspiration comes from a purple room that has a unique design on its walls. In some parts, this wall uses a purple strip design that has a soft color, with other combinations that have a sharp but plain purple color. On the other side of the wall, use wallpaper with a purple motif that is not too flashy, but is enough to give an amazing look to the purple concept that this bedroom has.



The Application of Purple in the Decoration


This attractive purple room has a huge variety. The selection of various colors and motifs gives a different atmosphere and looks cheerful. Decorations that apply purple include curtains, laundry baskets, floor rugs, and other wall decorations that look beautiful and adorable.



Neutral Soft Color Combination


Although not entirely using purple, this room is still beautiful and has a purple impression that still looks on point. The combination of purple with other colors actually gives a different impression and can avoid saturation in the room. However, you also have to pay attention to the colors that will be combined, so as not to damage the purple concept that you want to display.



Choice of the Right Motif


The last inspiration comes from the purple room, which has walls with purple patterned wallpapers that are elegant and not boring. This purple room is also more complete with its interior. On the bed linen, floor carpet, and also the dressing chair that uses a matching plain soft purple color. This choice makes the perfect combination of purple motif walls with other plain interiors.



That's all for 7 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas. What do you think about these small porch design and ideas? Tell us your favorites in our Facebook comments section. Hopefully, these ideas are useful for you. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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