7 Unique Indoor Vines And Climbing Plants


Helloshabby.com -- Are you a lover of hanging plants? If so, you are in the right place, we will share some hanging plants  that you can use as a reference. The presence of plants in the house in addition to beautifying can also make the whole house feel cooler and refreshing.

Interested in growing hanging plants? Here are 7 unique indoor vines and climbing plants that can inspire you!

1. English ivy


The first vine recommendation was English Ivy. This plant has a unique leaf shape, so it is often as an houseplant to beautify the look of the room. They will grow well in the shade, placing them in s bright place like near a window.

2. Golden pothos


Golden pothos became one of the popular vines this year. They have a bright green leaf color that refresh the eyes. This plant can improve the air quality in the room.

3. String of heart


Vines are becoming a trend and much in demand by many communities. This plant looks stunning, with the shape of the leaves resembling the shape of heart. They need indirect sunlight, so place it in a bright room.

4. Heartleaf philodendron


Heartleaf philodendron becomes the next vine that has beautiful leaves. The combination of green and yellow gold looks stunning in the room. Very beautiful, isn't it?

5. String of pearls


String of pearl include succulent types that look like beautiful pearls. Treatment is also low. To thrive, they like indirect sunlight. They would be awesome, if it is placed near the window.

 6. Peperomia Pepperspot


Peperomia pepperspot has a unique leaf shape in the shape of a small round. This plant looks elegant and beautiful, so you can make it is as a decoration to beautify the room.

7. Tradescantia zebrina


Are you purple lovers? This vine should not be missed. It has a beautiful purple color, suitable to make it as a home decors. The treatment is low, you just water it regularly, but not too much.

That's 7 unique indoor vines and climbing plants that you can grow at home. From the plants above, which is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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