7 Beautiful Flowers To Grow In Container For Fall


Helloshabby.com --  Bringing flowers at home becomes an easy way to design a more colorful and fun home terrace. Different types of flowers you can take home to decorate the house. Colorful flowers will create a beautiful patio design.

Let's take a look at the following 7 beautiful flowers to grow in container for fall that can be grown at home!


 1. Petunias


Petunias flowers have a beautiful look with shades of purple. Their treatment is easy, they will grow well in direct sunlight. Do not forget to trim the dry part so that the flowers bloom beautifully.

2.  Million bells


Million bells are the next plants that you can grow in pots and containers. They have small flowers with bright colors, so it will make the look of the garden more stunning. Million bells will flower in the sun.

3. Asters


Give a different look to the design of your patio garden with daisies. Asters have a variety of colors including purple, pink, yellow and white. Everything looks beautiful and can choose according to your favorites.

4. Pansies


Pansies are beautiful flowers that you can grow on the terrace of the house. They will grow well in direct sunlight. Pansies are popular, and you can grow them is soil or pots.

5. Marigolds


Create a terrace atmosphere that looks bright and cheerful with marigold flowers. This flowers will grow beautifully in a yard that gets maximum sunlight. Avoid excessive watering.

6. Impatiens


Impatiens are one of the most popular flowers. Unlike the previous type of flower, Impatiens will grow well in moist soil and in shade. Don't forget to water regularly.

7. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are the best flower that can be grow in containers. The treatment is easy, they need to get enough sunlight. Don't forget to carry flowers and leaves that are dry.

That's 7 beautiful flowers to grow in container for fall that you can grow at home. I hope the information above is useful. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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