How to Decorate a Living Room in 7 Steps -- A living room without decoration will look empty and boring. The existence of decorations makes a living room feel more alive. The proper living room decorations will also make a living room look so lively. It's so easy if you want to decorate your living room. Just put some things that you like, then display it on the living room. But, if you want to have an attractive living room with charming decorations, take a loot at How to Decorate a Living Room in 7 Steps.

1. Pick a theme


Determining the theme of the living room is the first thing you consider. That way, it will be easier for you to choose the right decorations that match the living room theme. For an industrial minimalist style living room like this, furniture and decorations in monochrome shades are perfect. Monochromatic decor gives the living room a visual character. 

2. Give color accents


Do not match all the colors of the furniture and living room decorations! You still need a differentiator, or an accent, that make the living room more dynamic. If a living room consist of mostly gray and neutral furniture, you can add a cheerful yellow furniture and decorations. The yellow things will add a bit of happiness to the living room. 

3. Add houseplants


Indoor plants are one of the decorations that are suitable for any living room themes. One of them is a Bohemian style living room, which is free and feels homey. Plants placed around the sofa will make the room more lively. The living room atmosphere will feel fresher, thanks to the greenery decoration. 

4. Put beautiful classic square frames


You will see almost every wall in any living room will be filled with decorations. An empty wall makes the living room look soulless. Meanwhile, the decorated wall make the living space more aesthetically pleasing. No need to think about complicated wall decorations. Even with decorative square frames with meaningful or thematic look, make this living room so gorgeous. 

5. Have fun with colors


Get rid of boring and stiff living room with the color. You are free to decorate the living room with any mix and match color. Pink walls, a deep blue couch, and an ocean color rug. All of them give the whole living room a more pleasant look. This kind of living room also get rid of your anxiety, and make you feel more comfortable at home. 

6. Choose a neutral color palette for an airy effect


If you have a small living room, pick a neutral color palette to apply. This method is the most effective way to make the living room seem spacious. Neutral color palettes such as white, beige, and gray can be applied to the interior and living room furniture. This will make the room look spacious, bright and feel warm. Decorate with ornamental plants, so the living room does not seem stiff. 

7. The perfect combination of big and small


A small living room does not have to be filled with small furniture and decorations. Likewise, with large spaces, not everything has to be big. Combine large and small furniture to make the room look perfect. In this living room, a big dreamcatcher is enough to catch our attention. Complete it with small, string lights mounted in the curtains.  

That's all for  How to Decorate a Living Room in 7 Steps. Hopefully, you get some ideas to make a lively and lovely living room for your home. We wish you will be easier in making it come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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