7 Best Christmas Flowers You Should Grow

Helloshabby.com -- Towards Christmas, decorating the house is something that should not be missed. It's a fun activity to do with your family. In addition to decorating the Christmas tree, flowers are the best Christmas decoration option that you can easily get. The beautiful color will definitely succeed in refreshing your home during the Christmas celebration. You can keep it in its own-container, and let it be a Christmas mood at home.

Below, you will see 7 Best Christmas Flowers You Should Grow.



Azalea is an elegant winter flower. This flower symbolizes care, simplicity, love and gentleness. Making it the perfect flower for a peaceful Christmas. Its flowers have charming red petals that will brighten up the room instantly. When in bloom, the flowers will last for 4 weeks. Keep it in a slightly damp and cool are, just because it is a winter flower. 




Poinsettias are winter and Christmas flowers. The flowers are also known as Flores de Noche Buena or "flowers of the holy night". This plant has red petals, which can evoke a Christmas mood. To make it bloom in early to mid-December, Poinsettias can be prepared in late September or early October.

Red Roses


Red roses are flowers that are easy to find. This flower plant is not only suitable for Valentine's Day, but also for Christmas. Its string red color is in line with the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, this plant can only last a week if you put it in a vase. 

Peace Lily


Switch to flowers with white petals. Peace lily is a plant that you can grow throughout the seasons, including winter. Even though the flowers bloom in spring, you can make them a room freshener at Christmas celebration. Peace lily looks so great to be placed in the corner of your living space, making every corner of your home so lively at Christmas.



A bulbous plant with white flower and strap-shaped leaves will beat off your winter blues, especially at Christmas. Amaryllis can last for weeks despite minimal maintenance. You can place the amaryllis in a pot that has a Christmas decorative pattern, or you can place it in a glass vase. The flower petal shape will naturally attract anyone's attention. 



Paper whites are also being known as Narcisuus papyraceus. The flowers are small, with a pure white colors. This flower also has a refreshing scent. You can plant it in November. The plant need almost 6 weeks to blooming. So, the flowers will bloom before Christmas. Place it in a spot with indirect light. 

Christmas Cactus


This pink schlumbergera is one of the perfect plants for Christmas living decoration. The flower will bloom in around December. You can make it as a hanging plant, which is beautiful and exotic for Christmas celebrations. Place it in the shade. 

In addition to the Christmas tree, you can actually use flowers to beautify the room. Of the 7 Best Christmas Flowers You Should Grow above, which is your favorite flower for Christmas? Tell us on our  Facebook Fan page.

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