7 DIY Easy to Make Homemade Fertilizer Recipes for Pothos Plant


7 DIY Easy to Make Homemade Fertilizer Recipes for Pothos Plant

Helloshabby.com -- Just like humans who need the intake of vitamins that strengthen the body, plant and plants also need fertilizer to make it as fertile and strong. As is known, fertilizer has two types, namely organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.

But now we will discuss artificial fertilizers that can be made alone using materials around the house. In addition to being useful for plants, this method can also reduce existing waste and at the same time to save money. You can use all the materials in the house. As you can see below.

Organic fertilizer from banana peels


Not a stranger to bananas. In addition, as the meat is beneficial for the health of the body, the skin also has a good content for plants. Banana peel is the most appropriate fertilizer for plant growth. You can do it directly, put the banana peel in a hotel that has been dug with the plant.

You can make it easily for example by drying the banana peel first and low in the water for a while. This will be the best fertilizer for plants at home that are rich in potassium needed by pothos.


Organic fertilizer kitchen salt


You can make fertilizer from kitchen salt. Use Epsom salts that contain magnesium, and sulfur that is important to your plant. It is known as English salt, which is easy to make. With a ratio of 1 tablespoon of salt for every 3 liters of water. Use this water to water plants inside and outside the house.

Organic fertilizer of red undesell


Unexpectedly, the skin of the onion can be used as a plant fertilizer. In addition to containing substances that are or as comfortable as good for plants, onion skin has potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron to nitrogen, although minimal.

These onion skin benefits can accelerate the growth and development of plants, help the formation of chlorophyll, fatty carbohydrates, encourage flowering and fruiting plants and others.


Organic fertilizer from used rice laundry water


Use used rice laundry water to replenish the nutrients of the lost pothos plant. Because it contains potassium, calcium, minerals and other elements you can use this water regularly which will help the rapid growth of fertile.

You can directly use the water used rice laundry directly according to washing rice.

Organic fertilizer of eggshells



You need 10-20 clean, dry eggshells to make the plant lush and green. Eggshell fertilizer is an excellent source of calcium, helping pothos to have a string cellular structure. Use it as an alternative to provide regular watering once a month or twice.


Aquarium water


So that your pothos plant at home remains fertile even in the water, you can mix it into the plant as a method of propagation water to grow new roots. Aquarium water is an excellent source of phosphorus, ammonia and minerals. This will help the growth of pothos plant achieve a rich green color with faster growth.

The recipe you can use aquarium water once in 1-2 weeks. Before using it, you can dilute it with a ratio of 1:1 that is delivering to the plant to balance its concetration.

Organic fertilizer from compost tea


Compost that is useful for making your pothos greener with large stems is compost tea. You can take gauze and fill it with this compost, the tie it. Soak in a bucket with 2 gallons of water and leaves overnight, when the water turns a light brown it is ready to use.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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