7 Ground Covers That You Can Grow As Indoor Plants

 Helloshabby.com - Filling ground covers with foliage and blooms looks of interest. But, you can grow flowers and greenery to having beautiful and gorgeous ground covers. Look these 7 Ground Covers That You Can Grow As Indoor Plants. Let's check it out!

Delosperma 'Hot Pink Wonder'


Delosperma or commonly called Ice Plant blooming from early summer to fall. The blossoms are produce in such quantities and this can make your ground covers look gorgeous. The structure of these plants is having bright pink, daisy-like flowers, with a yellow center.


Phuopsis Stylosa


Phuopsis stylosa or Purpurea bloom in June to August. The blossoms bloom in purple and can grow in full sun to part shade. This plants easily to grow and best in consistently moist soils.


Armeria Maritima Alba


Besides perfect for indoor plants, you can grow Armeria for ground covers. In other ways, the plants can be used as cut flowers too. The plants can grow up to 3-6 inch.


Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles'


Attractive to butterflies, the flowers grow in bushy, upright clumps, up to 15-18 in. Besides then, the plants performs best in full sun, and well-drained soils. Veronica spicata easy to grow and requires very low care.


Scilla siberica


Mostly known as Blue bell, this plant can fill your ground covers to get a pretty and gorgeous view. Easy to grow, this plant is one of the most winter hardy and can be found in hardiness zone.


Pilea spruceana


Called with silver tree, this plants has silver and dark green foliage. This is a species of evergreen. The plants can grow up to 1 foot in height and a spread of up to 1.5.


Pulmonaria Lungwort


Grow with interesting leaves, this plants looking as though someone liberally splashed bleach on them. And the flowers blooms in early springs that can be blue, pink, or white, and is frequently two or more colors on a single plant.

That are 7 Ground Covers That You Can Grow As Indoor Plants that can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

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