Bunk Bedroom Ideas For Your Little Darlings

 Helloshabby.com -- Bunk bedroom or multistory bed is suitable in applied in a small house or an apartment. Bunk bed is also most suitable for the concept of children's rooms. Its minimalist design can be a small room solution. Bunk bed children's bedrooms have an attractive look, so children will be happier.

If you are looking for a children's room decoration, let's first look at the example of bunk bedroom ideas for your little darlings that can inspire you!

1. Bunk bedroom idea with cheerful nuances


 The inspiration for the first child's bedroom was created with cheerful room vibes. The color yellow does bring a happy impression in the room. While the blue color combination gives a more elegant child's room look.

2. Stunning red bunk bedroom design


The idea of the second bunk bedroom looks stunning with a touch of red. The color red can change the atmosphere of the bedroom to be more vibrant. The bottom of the bed can be used as a study room, also put the sofa as a happy playground.

Bunk bedroom deign with unique stairs


To make the bunk bedroom look more stand out, you can use a unique staircase model. The design of the stairs is made with functional cabinet, so you can use it at once for storage. Use some wood materials to bring a more homey and cozy atmosphere.

 Bunk bedroom design with favorite characters


Before designing a child's bedroom, you need to know what is the favorite of the baby. The bunk bedroom inspiration above features beautiful purple shades with adorable Hello Kitty and Barbie characters. A beautiful bedroom will make the child feel at home in the room.

Bunk bedroom in soothing white


For girls' rooms, you can choose a bunk bedroom design with white dominance. Combine it also with a touch of beautiful pastel floral  motifs for a soothing atmosphere.

That's an example of bunk bedroom ideas for your little darlings that can inspire you. From the design above, which one is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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