7 Most Amazing Staircase with Plant Ideas for Homes

Helloshabby.com -- You can make a green corner in any area in the house. Including the staircase. Decorating the stairs with plants can give the staircase a fresh look. There's a lot you can do with the staircase and plants. You can even make the plants as a substitute for railing for a fairly low staircase design. 

For more ideas, here are 7 Most Amazing Staircase with Plant Ideas for Homes.

The staircase railings and vines


You can make vines as a 'star plant' for your stairs. Plants like pothos plant will provide a green corner that looks so lively and vibrant. When placing plants on the stairs, also pay attention to safety. Place potted plants on the sides of the stairs, so as not to block walking access. 

Terracotta pots that match the stairs


This earthy tone staircase can be enhanced with potted plants. Choose a terracotta pot design that looks in line with the stairs. This terracotta color work together with the wooden base of the stairs. Add white coral to add color contrast to the stairs.

Vibrant stairs with tropical concept


Adjust the concept of the house with the idea of decorating stairs in your home. If you really like the tropical concept, you can decorate the stairs with a vibrant tropical feel like this. Various plants are arranged along the steps as well as on the landing. Walls are filled with rattan ornaments and unique wall decor that makes this staircase so alive, so special. 

Let the vines on the side of the stairs


Create a small indoor jungle in your house. You can let the pothos vine beautifully vines on the side of the stairs. Your pothos collection can be arranged to create a natural contrast that look and feel so refreshing. Pothos is a type of plant suitable for indoor staircase plants. It can live well even in places that are not too much direct light. 

Amazing Sansevieria for the staircase


You can design a low staircase without railing like this. Make the sansevieria plant as an alternative for staircase railing. In addition to being a safety option, sansevieria plants can also improve the visual of the stairs in the home. 

Lush walls with sticky potted plants


Plants don't have to be placed on stairs or stair railings. You can put plants on the walls of the stairs. Stick the potted plant on the wall. Plants like jade pothos, satin pothos and neon pothos are perfect for the walls. The leaves can seem to fall down beautifully, making the stairs even more. 


Landing staircase as a place to rest your feet when climbing the stairs, and minimize the risk of falling from the stairs. Landing staircase can also be decorated according to our creativity, which will enhance the appearance of the interior of the house. There, you can put plants, either real or artificial plants. 

Hopefully, those 7 Most Amazing Staircase with Plant Ideas for Homes are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about staircase decoration ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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