7 Purple Rooms That Are Gorgeously Invigorating


Helloshabby.com -- The color purple symbolizes glory, wisdom, and prosperity. Purple is also an exclusive color because it is a soothing combination of red and blue. For those of you purple lovers, having a dream home with purple lovers, of course you want to have a dream home with beautiful purple shades.

Strong purple color characteristic will look attractive in application for the interior of the house. To help you, let's first check out the 7 purple rooms that are gorgeously invigorating that can inspire you!

1. Luxurious living room with purple shades


 To get the look of a luxurious purple living room, you can combine with beautiful lighting. In addition to down lights you can use chandelier decorations to make the look more stunning.

2.  Natural purple outdoor living room

 The front porch of the house, you can use for a place to receive guests or a place to gather with family. For a more natural impression, use elegant wicker tables and chairs

3.  TV room with shades of purple


Another room that will look stunning with shades of purple is TV room. A TV table with a purple cabinet can be used as a storage area for other electronic equipment. Suitable for a small house.

4. One-line purple kitchen


 This one-line kitchen is recommended for small homes. For a stunning kitchen look, you can combine purple with dark and soft tones. Give a touch of white for a more elegant kitchen.

5. Beautiful purple dining room design


This dining room is filled with beautiful shades of purple. Not only purple, combine it also with some rustic decors for a more homey space atmosphere.

6. Luxurious purple bathroom


The idea of a purple bathroom feels luxurious with a beautiful combination of mosaic ceramics. As for the look of the space that is more relieved, the other part of the wall, you can leave the design plan without motifs.

7. Charming purple bedroom


The last purple room design is the bedroom. For a quieter space atmosphere, you can choose a purple color with a soft tone. Do not forget to bring purple shades for other decorations to be harmonious.

That's the review of 7 purple rooms that are gorgeously invigorating that you can make as a reference. I hope the information above can be useful to you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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