7 Small Bedroom Designs And Ideas For Optimazing Your Space


Helloshabby.com -- Limited room size is often a problem to create an aesthetic bedroom design. Even though it is even small, if the arrangement and selection of furniture is appropriate, you will certainly have a bedroom full of comfort.

If you have a small bedroom or a small apartment, then the 7 small bedroom designs and ideas for optimizing your space below will help you!

 1. Small gray bedroom


Create a small bedroom design looks more relieved, by distinguishing the color of the wall of one side. Like the design of the walls of this gray room, besides being beautiful also displays a wider room.

2. Minimalist bedroom with open wardrobe


So that the bedroom avoids the full impression, you can keep clothes is an open wardrobe. Also use the dominance of neutral colors such as white to present the impression of a more relieved room.

3. Small bedroom with mirror


Mirror decoration as often been used to create a wider visual reflection of the room. Place it in the corner of the room, decorating it with plants to beautify the look. 

4. Simple teenage bedroom


Tips for designing a small bedroom for teenagers, you can use a single bed. Place it in the corner of the room to get a more relieved impression of the room.

5. Scandinavian-style small bedroom


For those of you who want a small bedroom design full of tranquility. This Scandinavian-style bedroom idea you can try to apply at home. The dominance of white and wood colors brings a more homey room atmosphere.

6. Small bedroom pastel shades


Create a bedroom design full of peaceful atmosphere with pastel nuances. The use of soft colors managed to change atmosphere of a more peaceful room. The quality of sleep will also be better.

7. Beautiful korea-style bedroom


The idea of a Korean-style bedroom is synonymous with a simple design, and you can apply it at home easily. The use of furniture is reduced the full impression on the room. Beautiful, isn't it?

That's the review of 7 small bedroom designs and ideas for optimizing your space that can inspire you, From the design above, where do you favor you?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Various Source

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