7 Type of Butterfly Plant (Oxalis Plant) Varieties


7 Type of Butterfly Plant (Oxalis Plant) Varieties

Helloshabby.com -- This beautiful butterfly plant commonly called Oxalis has a unique leaf shape. No wonder if this plant is often in demand by lovers of ornamental plants. It is an ornamental plant originating from South America and South Asia, growing as a perfect tropical plant at a temperature 0f 15-25 degrees Celsius. This plant can open and close itself to light response. At night, the plant will look neat and curled up that will look like a collection of butterflies that dwell. In the morning, it will widen and bloom.

Some types you can see in the review below:

Oxalis Ironcross


The iron cross plant is a famous cultivar known as lucky clover and in a wild state with a red brown color that has four leaves or at least brownish red.

The leaves of this plant are divided into four called lucky leaves instead of true clover.

If planted in spring, this plant grown throughout the spring and summer. Surviving in cold tapir areas in areas with frost, this plant is today kept in a cool, dry place during the winter and planted again in the spring.

Oxalis Corymbosa


A unique leaf shape like a butterfly, Oxalis Corymbosa has the shape of a heart leaf, as many as three sheets on each stem. With a slightly white-yellow color, thin and silvery attractive with a beautiful pink color. This plant is fertile if placed indoors with care that needs to be considered.

This plant grows up to 0.2 mm which is suitable for planting in sandy soil, clay and soil with good drainage.


Christia Obcordata


This beautiful plant that can attract attention is known as Christia Obcordata. With the shape of triangular leaves and green and burgundy stripes that resemble the veins of bird feathers. It is called the butterfly plant that is perfect for filling pots and hanging baskets at home.

Oxalis Triangularis Purple


This purple butterfly ornamental plant is called oxalis triangularis which is a perennial and edible plants. It comes from Brazil which is popular as a houseplant, commonly grown in pots with shady light.

The shape of the leaves like an adult butterfly with a dark purple color that is almost black is beautiful flowers sprouting white and small colors.

Oxalis Versicolor


Oxalis versicolor or candy cone sorrel is a species of flowering plant in the family Oxalidaceae found in South Africa. This round annual plant can grow up to 8-15 cm and forms mounds of fresh green leaves, with each leaf consisting of three elongated leaflets. In late summer and autumn. The plant is in the form of a white tube bud at the end of its slender stem.

The edges are curved red on each petal with a permanent stick look. In the United States, this plant will grow as high as 12 inches and prefer full sun and bloom in the summer.

Oxalis Corniculata


Oxalis Corniculata is a wild medicinal plant that can grow in the open or protected from the roadside. Plants that grow with a length of 5-35 cm include annual plants that include perennial green plants. The stem is soft and branched a lot, the leaves are compound to three with round leaf children.

It has flowers that come out of the armpits of the leaves, small and shaped like an umbrella and yellow.

Oxalis Triangularis


Oxalis triangularis is commonly referred to as fake shamrock, which is an annual plant species in the family Oxalidaceae. It comes from southern America. Plant are usually planted as ornamental plants that can grow outside and prefer in the shade.

Maroon leaves that have five petals of white or pale pink flowers that will close at night.


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