Clever Vertical Wooden Board Garden Ideas -- Gardening or taking care of houseplants can be fun and healing activities. What if you run out of space to put your new collection of plants? Lucky for you, there are vertical garden ideas that you can create yourself. 

You can make a unique and beautiful vertical garden with only a wooden board. In fact, the old wooden board doesn't matter. A wooden board will be the best place to hold pots and plants that you adjust according to your taste. If you are interested in these ideas, keep reading for Clever Vertical Wooden Board Garden Ideas.

Wooden board for a herb vertical garden


An empty kitchen wall can be transformed into a small vertical herb garden. You can use wooden boards as a place to attach the herb plants. Grow most favorite garden herbs, such as basil, oregano, mint, coriander, parsley and more. This vertical wooden board herb garden, it is also looks good as decoration. 

Rustic vertical garden with unique wooden board


Get creative with vertical wooden board garden for your home. You can choose a circle shape for  vertical wooden board to fill the wall perfectly. The wooden circle board looks worn, but it is aesthetically pleasing as a decoration and retaining potted plants inside.

Perfect it by placing cactus and snake plants on the sides of this round wooden board. This vertical wooden board garden will be the center of attention wherever you put it.

Wooden board with planter box 


Try choosing a vertical wooden board that is equipped with box planters like this. Organic or artificial plants don't matter, if you want to place them in the planter box. Somehow, the brownish wooden board work together with greenery to create a freshly beautiful vertical garden in the front porch. 

Reclaimed wood wall


This reclaimed wood wall is perfect for any room in the house. The wooden planks with the worn-out look come alive with the plants that can come to life in a vertical display like this.  This vertical wooden board garden idea is really spectacular, you can also try to make it at home.

Vertical wooden board garden with creative shape


Play with shapes for the wooden board garden. You can pick (or make one) a creative and beautiful wooden board design like this. It has 4 place mats to hold up to 4 potted plants. The slender wooden planks are arranged in such as way that it produces a rigid wavy visual and makes this vertical garden more attractive. 

Bonus: Vertical Wooden Hanging Succulents 


This vertical garden design is not entirely the same as vertical wooden boards. However, this vertical wooden shelf is made of wooden planks that are neatly and uniquely arranged to form a display that is suitable for hanging succulents. Your succulent collection will have their own-place. 

That's all for Clever Vertical Wooden Board Garden Ideas. You can make beautiful vertical wooden board garden ideas like in the design above. Only with old wooden boards, you can get a stunning vertical wooden board garden.

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