This Simple House is The Perfect House to Optimize Small Space with Its Warm Concept -- To optimize the available space on a small land, and have spacious breathing spaces, this house is so inviting with a one-story arrangement and a trendy split-level mezzanine concept. 

This house is also conceptualized in a warm nuance, which is the perfect setting for families bounding. We will invite you to have a look at the exterior and interior of this house. Hopefully, it can be an interesting inspiration for you. Here are This Simple House is The Perfect House to Optimize Small Space with Its Warm Concept.

Exterior Area

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The primary facade of this two-story house has a hidden base terrace. This small terrace juts in with a low wall that limits it. The striking thing about this house is the open second floor area. Instead of just being a roof with tiles, this open second floor can be used as a rooftop garden to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Outdoor Theme Design

From the exterior, this house has a residential theme. Earth tone colors are used for the building finishing, giving it a pleasantly fresh feel. The owner place potted plants to make the house look so lively. 

Interior Area

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Entering the house, you will find an open living space. There are at least several places that are made into one room. Call it, living room, kitchen, and cheerful dining. This arrangement is very fitting considering the limited land. Every room's furniture uses a compact and sleek design. That way, the interior area looks still spacious.  The height of the space in the open mezzanine space facilitates air circulation, keeping the room cool throughout the day. 

TV Room 

TV installation for the family TV room is very influential to provide comfort. The wall-mounted TV is positioned in the center of the room, so the TV can be seen from any angle. Even those in the kitchen

Minimalist Bar Table

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Between the kitchen and living room, there is a minimalist bar table. This table can be used as a coffee drinking space as well as a barrier between the kitchen and other space. This area still looks unified, thanks to the furniture design and decor in the same color palette. 

A versatile decorative mirror 

The owner of this house is so smart in choosing multifunctional decorations, one of which is the selection of mirror decorations. Mirror mounted on a blank wall. This mirror is large enough maximally. That way, the mirror helps the illusion of a space that looks more spacious. Mirrors can also be used as a feature that makes homeowners always look ready to greet the guest. 

Split-level area

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The stairs in a split-level house function as a room divider, so the all spaces will look connected to each other. The owner takes advantage of the additional space by doing various activities, such as making it a work space, relaxing room, and more. This split-level zone is quite safe with a railing that surrounds the area. 

A beautiful chandelier

The void area is beautified by the installation of a charmer lighting. The chandelier design looks so stunning, with the light bulbs falling down steps, giving a dynamic look to anyone who sees it. 

A small, minimalist kitchen

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This is what the kitchen looks like in this house. Kitchen furniture models are quite simple. Just a small L-kitchen table and upper cabinets. The upper cabinets are used to put cooking utensils and cooking spices. However, this kitchen is located close to the family gathering room. Allows everyone in the kitchen and other areas to keep interacting. 

That's all for This Simple House is The Perfect House to Optimize Small Space with Its Warm Concept. Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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Editor       : Munawaroh
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