7 Beautiful Indoor Garden on the Staircase Ideas


7 Beautiful Indoor Garden on the Staircase Ideas

Helloshabby.com --Create a garden in the room under a ladder that saves spaces. You can take advantage of the empty area under these stairs for storage of goods and most commonly used for access. One of them is the idea of a ladder plant that you can choose to create beautiful decorations. Check out the idea of a garden under the stairs that can be considered:


Place it on each rung


To add attraction around the stairs of the house, you can choose several areas of stairs to place plants. Various indoor ornamental plants such as snake tongue, ZZ plant and Calathea plant. Fortunately, the stair area in this house uses glass walls, thus helping solar irradiation for easier growth.


Plants on the edge of the hanging stairs


Beautiful details of this household area, not only because of its minimalist appearance, but the selection of plant pots from red plastic with trays to help water not spill down the stairs. You can choose Boston Fern plants or ornamental firs to fill the void under the stairs to make it more beautiful.

Fill the landing stairs with plants


What if you cover part of the stairs' area with ornamental plants. Namely this landing area. Choose the type of succulent plants, herbs and even vines. Do not forget to fill the edge with the stairs with one potted plants, only to make it more aesthetic.

Hanging plants around the stairs


This new idea is impressive enough for you to try. Save space and do not eat a lot of furniture when it will be used to hang plants. Choose hanging plants such as succulent, pothos or petunia. Also be sure to choose strong and durable indoor plant are far from solar lighting.


 Add shelves around the stairs


You can change the arrangement of plants around the stairs by using planting shelves. This method allows you to arrange the stairs' area beautifully and attractively. Without having to look messy, choose the type of plant that is suitable for the room and safe for pets.


Stairs with Tumblr lights


If you have a large ladder size, get new ideas by arranging your plants using several media. Produce good lighting at night, you can have Tumblr lights. Floodlights are even lighting from candles, but if you use Tumblr, lights can be linked in the railings around the stairs.

Green and welcoming


The last step you can try is to use ladder railing to hang plants. Prepare several selected plants such as Monstera, Pothos or succulent plants. Provide considerable space and associate the pot with hemp rope or iron rope.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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