7 Beautiful Plants that You Can Grow in a Kokedama (Moss Ball)

Helloshabby.com --  Gardening is an activity that is liked by many people. Not only activities that can fill empty time, gardening can also give a feeling of pleasure and avoid stress. Many people collect their favorite plants to fill their favorite garden. Not only plants, many ideas then appear to be able to give a beautiful appearance and also make it easier to maintain. One of these ideas is to use kokedama planting media for favorite plants at home. Planting media using soil and moss which is usually wrapped with coconut fiber can be a natural pot that is environmentally friendly. In the following, Helloshabby.com will provide a review of 7 Beautiful Plants that You Can Grow in a Kokedama (Moss Ball).



White Anthurium


This beautiful white-flowered plant grows in humid tropical and dry tropical climates. Planting it on kokedama is the right choice because this plant likes moist things with sufficient sunlight. By using kokedama, you don't need to water it too often because it will make the roots rot, and also don't dry it in direct sunlight, because it will burn the leaves easily.


Monstera Obliqua


The monstera obliqua plant is one type that is difficult to find because of its rare existence. With thin leaves that have a hole in the middle, this monstera obliqua is highly targeted. You can use kokedama with coconut coir as a suitable planting medium. But always pay attention to the water content in it so that this plant does not rot easily. Because of the beauty that appears from the leaves, you need to pay attention to not put it in a room temperature that is too hot, because it will make the leaves turn yellow.





This plant originating from Brazil is found naturally in moist swampy areas and Kokedama growing media is a suitable choice for you to use. This species is interesting because it can grow in full sun, unlike other plants, which do not tolerate direct sunlight. Not only that, this plant can also grow in the shaded sun with watering 2 to 3 times a week.



Snake Plant


Next, the plant that you can grow using kokedama is the snake plant. The selection of kokedama is considered appropriate because the snake plant requires a planting medium that has maximum drainage so that it does not rot easily. Use a kokedama composition that is not too wet and place this plant on the window to meet indirect sunlight.


Zz Plant


Kokedama with coconut husk will be the right planting medium for the Zz plant. The stems and leaves are unique and able to store a lot of water reserves, making this plant does not need frequent watering. Watering 2-3 times a week is the right activity for this one plant. Do not forget, occasionally remove this plant to get enough sunlight.



Bird Nest Fern


This type of fern is one of the most popular ornamental plants for indoor room decoration. The use of kokedama or moss balls can make this plant look fresh and beautiful. This plant is not suitable for direct sunlight, and also pay attention to the planting media so that it is always moist and not dry.





Pothos plants are one of the preferred ornamental plants because of their dangling growth. You can put this plant on kokedama with a moist but not wet soil composition. You can put it at room temperature with lamp lighting to continue to complement the light intake. This plant is also very popular because it has easy maintenance and does not die easily.




Hopefully, those 7 Beautiful Plants that You Can Grow in a Kokedama (Moss Ball). are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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