Inspiration of a Simple All-wood Stilt House, for a Safe and Comfortable Life


Inspiration of a Simple All-wood Stilt House, for a Safe and Comfortable Life -- The house with the concept of the stage is indeed a little left behind and less modern. In addition to being commonly used as a residence for resident who are still on the border, the stage house is also suitable for tourist areas that can be used as future investment for lodging.

Using a fresh and beautiful natural concept, the house this time is administrated with wood and bamboo materials as the main elements. The structure of the stilt house is made of a mixture of cement or concrete for the upper load support. You can choose home inspiration this time for a comfortable and refreshing life. Just check out the inspiration of a Simple All-wood Stilt House, for a Safe and Comfortable Life below:

The facade of the stage house

The house that looks detailed from the neat arrangement of wood from part of the wall structure to the entire space. Wood material for wall board is very interesting to be used as a concept. By maximizing ventilation in each room, it appears that window accents with thick plastic are placed around the upper walls of the house.

Complex nuances can still be felt even though the size is not so large. The terrace in front you can make a fresh relaxing place while looking at the scenery around.

Interior of the house with bamboo planks

The appearance of the interior of the room in this minimalist stage house feels warm. Neat arrangement and spatial division seemed regular to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Still, by using wood as a whole, bamboo boards are applied in the ventilation section to give a homey effect. Without a glossy finish, wood fiber for wall boards in this house further strengthens the increasingly attractive and aesthetic look.

A home kitchen design that is a relief

Kitchen that is functioned with cooking activities, the use of one long table of wood is  used as a sink area. The use of freestanding stoves is chosen to give a modern feel with storage fittings. Maximized with windows for refreshingly anti-stuffy circulation.

The bedroom next to the kitchen

The space made fused using this seal is suitable if it is used as a tourist house for travelers or a honeymoon rental house for married couples.

The arrangement is facilitated from the kitchen that is blocked with bamboo, the placement of a mattress with a minimalist bed is added curtains to be romantic. The floor is still the same from a wooden board coated with coating and glossy finish for a natural look.

Lounge room with single bed

Functioned as a relaxing place and sleeping area, this room places a single bed that is used as a temporary resting place only. Bright black and red bed line makes the room look more dynamic and luxurious. Along also with a mini bar around the window, the room is beautifully designed for tourist attractions and enjoy coffee with couples.

Tiny bathroom with wooden planks

The design of the bathroom for the inspiration of the house this time made the concept of dry bathroom. Equipped with a closet and one sink, you can do bathing activities comfortably without worrying about other things. The atmosphere in the bathroom still feels soothing without windows equipped with bamboo for circulation.

Bathroom with outdoor concept

Another with a dry bathroom before, this one is still used as a wet bathroom with an outdoor concept. With a vertical model bamboo arrangement and beautiful waterproof curtains. The feel of a fresh bath will be exciting while enjoying the chirping of birds that sing.


Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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