7 Best Minimalist Children's Bedroom Ideas Without Bed Frames


7 Best Minimalist Children's Bedroom Ideas Without Bed Frames

Helloshabby.com -- There is an interesting idea that can make your sleep calmer. For western cultures, they are trained to use must-have bed frames. But nowadays, many realize that the bed frame does not have to be one of the attractive to create an aesthetic and amazing bedroom.

Whatever style you choose, Helloshabby.com has summarized the 7 Best Minimalist Children's Bedroom Ideas  Without Bed Frames that will be the reason for you to use in your new room later.

Beautiful floor bedroom, festive with mural walls

This first  bedroom idea is very interesting with impressive interiors. Without using a bed, the festive pink atmosphere in this room is quite attractive. Home decorative touches are perfect for 7-year-olds who enjoy bright colors and lots of decors. It is full of motifs and lights.

A comfortable child's bedroom in blue

The interior of the child's bedroom without a bed this time uses calm shades of blue. Interior idealism and very safe for children, you can consider the placement of mattress near the walls or window of the room.

Walls with vertical model wallpaper can give the impression of a spacious full decoration and some beautiful touches on the bed linen used.

Minimalist children's bedroom ideas in pink

Especially about girls, to provide comfort while sleeping requires a little effort compared to boys. Therefore, you can choose a bedroom that suits his taste. 

Position this frameless sleeping mattress near the window to minimize a small and wider room. Be sure to use cheerful colors such as yellow, pink blue and orange. Place a little cabinet for storage space so that the room remains comfortable and spacious.

Comfortable bedroom with white, pink color combination

When he reaches adolescence, children should be left or rearrange their rooms as desired. Especially about the interior and color that will be used. You can advise him to use a more mature color but still comfortable when used. White and light pink could be one of them. Provide multifunctional furniture, such as cabinet, that simultaneously blend with the study table or open storage near the window. This method is able to overcome the size that is too small and can be flexible to be renovated.


Child's bedroom with alphabetical wallpaper wall

If you have prepared a child's bedroom early on, there are times to decorate the interior with themes of knowledge or learning process. One of them is to introduce the child to the alphabet. You can choose wallpaper wall with alphabetical motifs that are very useful for children to remember after school.

You can balance the interior with a cheerful atmosphere so that he is more excited about a good tomorrow.


 Simple children's bedroom with earth tone interior

Different from other, the idea of a child's bedroom without a sleep frame this time seems simple and more comfortable. This brown-inclined color will save from the impression of excess girly. Beautify with urban-themed mural walls, complete with aesthetic abstract wall-art.

With the use of bed linen motifs that are somewhat dark, the texture and details of this child's bedroom are more complete and comfortable to use.

The idea of a beautiful white sleeping frameless room

The last idea of a child's bedroom without bed frame this time is quite simple. Slight decorations are placed on bed linen, curtains and shelves of home models for display. The placement of the mattress near the window is very appropriate so that it is brighter and expands the room.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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