7 Tips and Ideas To Design A Small Kitchen

Helloshabby.com -- Feeling less happy with the size of a small kitchen in your home? A small kitchen indeed makes your space to move limited. However, don't get frustrated just because of its tiny size. There will always be great small kitchen tips and ideas that can be applied to your small kitchen. That way, you'll get a small kitchen that will give you a new energy when you intend to cook. 

So, are you ready to have a functional small kitchen that is comfortable and attractive? Here are 7 Tips and Ideas To Design A Small Kitchen

1. Choose small furniture


Because the kitchen area is limited, it can be tricked by choosing small and minimalist kitchen equipment. For example, picking a smaller stove and refrigerator design. Maximize the appearance of a small kitchen by applying a nice color contrast. In this way, a small but happy kitchen will make you no longer think about how small your kitchen is.


2. Use a single sink


Using a simple single sink model is certainly more space efficient, thus making a narrow kitchen space feel spacious. Instead of a double sink, you could have a prep table, even on small countertops like this one. The kitchen space is also functional, by making the empty-space under countertops as part of the laundry room.

3. Make the kitchen more thematic


It doesn't have to be white, a bright palette like pink pastel color can also be a great option for your small kitchen. The pink color applied to the decoration and kitchen furniture can radiate positive energy, especially for pink lovers. Make the kitchen more lovely.

The kitchen also feel spacious. The owner removes the upper cabinets and replaces it with shelves or special containers to hold other utensils in a container, such as storing pans, pot, spices, knives and more. 

4. Add maximum lighting


The lack of lighting will make the kitchen dark and look narrow. Make sure the small kitchen get enough light. Use more natural light, but artificial light from the lamp doesn't matter. Install lights for important areas, such as countertops, sink and more. For more lighting ideas, you can consider black backsplash kitchen with dim panel lights that will add a dynamic impression on this small kitchen. 

5. Choose the best layout


The choice of kitchen layout shape will affect the cooking activity. You can consider the U-kitchen layout. The U-shaped layout will add functional value to a small kitchen. The U-shaped layout creates a balance visual. It also provides a dynamic space for you when cooking there. 

6. Provide maximum storage


Make a good vertical space in your little kitchen. Install high cabinets as an option for storage space, which saves space. You can keep more kitchen appliances and kitchen decor in that high cabinet. Ceiling-high cabinets can also help to expand the kitchen space.  

7. Add decorations


The small kitchen without the decor will feel less beautiful and meaningful. Put one or more kitchen decorations that will enliven the kitchen space. You can put artificial plants or porcelain ornaments that make the kitchen more elegant. 

Hopefully, those 7 Tips and Ideas To Design A Small Kitchen are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small kitchen ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream kitchen come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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