7 Genius Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

7 Genius Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Minimalist bathroom gives a clean, neat and comfortable look. To make it happen, you need some proper decorating ways to do it. For example, from the selection of the interior, the color of the walls to the use of sanitary. The following is the inspiration of a minimalist bathroom that you can apply at home.


 Using a neutral color interior


The main support for minimalist interior design in a small bathroom is with neutral colors on the walls. This method will make the room brighter and more spacious. Such as shades of white, gray or beige even yellow, you can choose to create a quiet space complete with shower box.

Save the needs you need


So that your minimalist bathroom becomes a comfortable place, keep all your beauty products in a neat and clean place. Minimalist bathroom design by using display shelves to be neatly arranged.

Floor tile experiment


Having a small bathroom does not have to use an all-white interior. You can present interesting dimensions and schemes of floor tiles with a hexagonal shape with a monochromatic or attractive scheme.


Simple lighting


Even with a minimalist size, a simple percussion bathroom that can give maximum bright effect. You can consider several ways, such as the use of space lamps, from the direction of the window or hidden lamp along the ceiling.


Functional storage


Even with a small bathroom. Using wall space to be used as a place to store can be tried. This method helps the room not to be too messy. Use a built-in storage model to store some bath products or natural decorations. Also pair it with a wallboard rack to store towels and clothes.


Glass door


To make your small bathroom look spacious, give the illusion of a bathroom to be bigger and brighter with a glass shower door. This is fantastic enough to make a small bathroom more light. If you want a frugal and practical, you can use transparent or opaque shower curtains.


Bring the nuances of nature


In addition to using modern decoration and other fantastic ideas, design a small bathroom in the house with natural elements and wall wood you can try. This will make the room feel comfortable without leaving a clean, minimalist style.

Hopefully those home design idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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