Geometric Wall Ideas That Bring Fun Into Any Room -- There are many things you can do with the walls. You can make it a daring statement, that makes a room look more lively, cool and chic. Geometric wall pattern ideas are a great option to implement. It gives you an optical illusion that makes any room more dynamic and modern.

Have fun with various paint colors that you like and make it look more attractive! Here are 6 geometric wall ideas that bring fun into any room for you to try at home.

Orange and light hue for fun


If you want a cheerful, dynamic and unique space feel, try making geometric walls with a combination of orange and other bright/neutral colors. This color combination makes the room more lively. The orange color that attracts attention is perfect  to make this geometric wall to be the main focal point of the room. You can make it more attractive by placing some soft furnishings in same color. 

Geometric walls for kid's room


Need something to lift the mood in your child's room? This geometric wall design is perfect for that. The combination of 3 colors in bright colors, such as pink, purple and yellow, it will bring joy to the girl's room. These patterns are not so complicated, so it does not make the child dizzy when looking at them. 

Simple but 3 colors geometric wall


You don't have to be a professional decorator to make this simple but gorgeous geometric wall. The square wall divide into 3 triangular sections in 3 different colors. The basic white color as place for decorative frames and room decorations. Emerald and gray colors are the wake-up color of this playroom. Making the kid have a calm and fun playroom at the same time. 

Free hand-painted geometric wall


We love the idea of a hand-painted geometric wall. You can use your imagination and creativity to create a more personal and distinctive geometric wall. Determine the geometric shape you want, as complicated as it is, it doesn't matter as long as you can solve it. Use the color you like to fill the shapes. Make one color look the same as the surrounding furniture, to make it more harmonious. 


Bring a unique geometric pattern in your bedroom. It is the best place to experiment with patterns, colors and texture, that you like. You could pair the bed linen and blanket to match your geometric wall as well. With that, a geometric wall will bring an enchanting look to the bedroom. 

Fresh geometric wall for an outdoor lounge


Simple geometric patterns can make your home look more elegant, including your patio or veranda. As a suggestion, choose a color variation that matches the feel of the outdoor vibe. Light blues, grays and a hint of emerald color are perfect for that. These colors look so good, even for background for your potted plants. 

That's all for Geometric Wall Ideas That Bring Fun Into Any Room. Are you interested in making a geometric wall in your home? Share with us your comment and thoughts in our Facebook fan page. 

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