7 Space Saving Loft Bed Ideas


7 Space Saving Loft Bed Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Do you feel like you have limited space in a small house? You can expand the room that you can make an attic bed. Framed like an attractive standard bedroom by bringing up additional floor space as a place of activity by raising your mattress a few feet. Of course, you can add some features and accessories in it that will not be a bush anymore. Check out the following reviews:


 The best elegant style beds

With a high rental price, you can have bedroom with a functional loft space model. The dominance of black elegant industrial concept you can complete with a storage ladder for storage. Use the bottom for the work area to make it more idealistic. Maximize the lighting from the direction of the window that you can cover with two-layer curtains.

Looks beautiful with futuristic carpets

The design is the same as before, which leaves an empty space at the bottom for makeup. Do not worry about other storage, choose a ladder with a storage model. Use friendly materials such as wood. The decoration can be shown extensively on the carpet to make it more futuristic.

Loft bed for kids

Not only for adults, even loft bedrooms you can choose for children. Use the decoration of the sky with navy blue walls and other completeness in the form of a place of learning or playing carpet. To make it more comfortable and safe, be sure to use a strong iron frame and railing around the mattress.

Scandinavian-themed loft bedroom

Made with a Scandinavian theme that uses a blend of beige colors. Minimalist style design still feels comfortable with a neat arrangement that is compact. In the lower area, you can use it as a workspace. For the side can be as a minimalist living room that remains stylish with abstract style paintings.


 Make loft bed for the living room shades of gray

With the idea of a loft bedroom, you can apply more than usual. You can use it to receive guests at the bottom. Choose the size of the sofa with the appropriate space to form the ambience, and do not need to add another chair or stool.


Airy homey bedroom

This room is quite dominated by white color ranging from walls, bed frames to some furniture. Combined again, store furniture that can be as a workplace to store various other needs. Its not-so-large size remains comfortable as an activity space. Presenting a futuristic design with a triangle motif carpet in shades of gray to white.

Loft bed is simple yet elegant

The last design of this loft bed does look simpler with a compact arrangement. However, its functional can still be used as a bed and work area. The model cabinet is open on the stairs, so one of the options to keep the bedroom homey.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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