7 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants

Helloshabby.com -- Many people love the prayer plants. They are widely cultivated as houseplants. It is a Brazilian plant with beautiful variegated leaves. Instead of plant that seem doesn't move, the prayer plant show its movement. During the day they open up their leaves to catch the light, and at night they close its leaves, looking like they are praying. This is one of the houseplants with nyctinasty motion. 

There are at least 500 plant species in the prayer-plant family. However, firstly, you can  take a look at these 7 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants.

Maranta leuconeura 'Kim'


The beauty 'Kim' has bright green foliage with more intense green spots. The leaf blades also look thin, but it completes its beautiful look. They are perfect for table plants or hanging basket plant. Avoid the plant from the direct sun, as it will make sunburn spot and yellowing variegation. Moderate, indirect light and partial shade are the ideal light condition for this plant.

Fishbone Prayer Plant


This plant comes from the Ctenanthe genus, still in the same family as a prayer plant. Ctenanthe burlee marxii has botanical name for the fishbone prayer plant. They have beautifully, detailed-colorful leaf patterns. This plant prefer bright indirect light, as too little light will make them lose the variegation, too much light will fade leaf color. 

Maranta Monday/Lemon Lime


Its beautiful and decorative leaves, makes this Maranta Lemon Lime is a must-have plant in your home. The colorful variegation marks on the leaves become more vibrant as the plant get mature. Prayer plant tend to thrive in a slightly moist soil, so water it whenever the soil is just starting to dry out. 


Maranta lemon lime is also super easy to care for. Keep the soil most, but don't overwatered. Place it in a bright area, away from the direct sunlight. 

Maranta leuconeura 'Fascinator'


This plant looks different from other varieties. All thanks to the reddish-pink fishbone pattern, over a fresh lime green background with painterly strokes of dark green. The back of the leaf is also a stunner, with a red-purple color behind the side of the leaf. This plant is just as easy to care for as any other prayer plant.

Maranta Arundinacea


This plant is also called as arrowroot plant. This plant grows with a slender stem upward. Green variegation leaves with a whitish color that surrounds the green leaves. They also produce small white flowers. This maranta plant is also easy to grow with minimal care. Keep the soil most and place it an area with partial to full shade. 

Ctenanthe burlee marxii amagris


This beautiful ctenanthe burlee marxii amagris is a stunner for your indoor plant. It is also easy to care for that spreads over time. The plant also help to clear the air in your home from the air pollutants. Keep them in a medium bright indirect light. 



Ctenanthe lubbersiana presents variations of cream and marbled yellow on oblong dark green leaves. This plant can grow from 2-4 feet in height, and about 2-3 feet wide. It is a showy indoor plant for your home.  

That's all for 7 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants. Do you have any these 7 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants? Let us know how your experience took care of this plant!

Hopefully, those 7 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about stunning houseplants. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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