A Home Tour : 20+ Image of Muji Style House with Minimalist Interior Design and Warm Tone

Helloshabby.com -- The Muji style which emphasizes minimalist design and quality in living is very popular in Thai home architecture. Some Thai Muji house design have gone viral, thanks for the house look that minimal, warm and cozy. It's perfect for those seeking a warm and relaxing stay, after the hectic activities outside the home. 

If you are looking for a serene and comfortable home, this Muji style house can be your best inspiration. For more ideas, we've pulled up A Home Tour : 20+ Image of Muji Style House with Minimalist Interior Design and Warm Tone. 

Exterior Designs


This Muji-style house is called Sora House. This house brings up the "Home Café" concept, emphasizing white and wooden decorations, including the exterior design of the house. The house has been renovated and decorated in Muji style house with elegant and minimalist aesthetic. 

The exterior highlight 

The exterior highlight of the Sora House is the door in a prominent white curve work. The exterior appearance is so pleasing to the eye. The front door and window made of ash wood. The Muji color theme that consist of white and a bit of natural brown give the impression of a clean house

Fresh outdoor atmosphere


Sora house brings the concept of "Home Café". The atmosphere of a light Korean café can be seen from the exterior of the house. Green plants as decorations add a visual statement that refresh the outdoor ambience. 

Interior Design

When entering the house, you'll be greeted by the look of warm and compact furniture in the living space. The main furniture use wooden material, such as sofa, coffee table and a table. The flooring with vinyl or parquet floor also fitted with bright and cozy look that perfect the living room design. 

No full and empty living area


Declutter is one of the main keys on the Muji-style house. Not a lot of knick-knacks to fill up the space. However, simple decorations, such as a dry plant in a pot next to the sofa and soft sofa cushions, are all enough to make the living room not look too dull and empty. 

Muji style kitchen

The kitchen is spacious enough for a home chef. As you can see, all the cabinets are white with wooden countertops and flooring. The backsplash in the subway bevel pattern also add a more aesthetic texture and pattern.

Mini bar line


Add a counter for the café row to have more floors to enjoy tea and coffee making. The pattern and texture is once again added to the clean and straight lines on the bar table. 

Open space design with curve work

Areas that emphasize function and quality fit perfectly with the open-space design. The dining room and kitchen are in the same are. This arrangement allows for interaction when cooking and eating together. Don't forget, the wall curve works that are also present in this open space. Make the house look in one unit. 

A functional space under the stairs


The area under the stairs can be used as a functional space. It can be used as an additional storage with tucked-in cabinet under the stairs. A rattan chair and a green plant nearby give a cozy and fresh ambience to the room. 

Cozy bedroom with earthy tone

The bedroom looks more spacious with a minimalist arrangement like this. The feeling of comfort is strongly felt with earthy tone ambience on it. It provides the occupants a warm and relaxing vibe for resting. 

Another white curves work

The work of white curves has once again made its way into interior design, as in this bedroom. The work of white curves as a background for the floating shelves is a place to put room decorations. 

Wardrobe behind the walls


This house has 4 bedrooms. One of them has a wardrobe that is quite spacious. The wardrobe covered by a wall that limits the bed. The wardrobe area is painted in white. It creates a clean and alluring wardrobe area. 

Snugging bedroom design


Another bedroom design with a warm and cozy ambience. The warm lighting enhances the beauty of this bedroom. Concave wall of the box as a special place to install decorations. These walls make the room look more dimensional. 

Floating dresser table

Take minimalist interior design to the next level by picking a compact and saving-space furniture. A small space can be turned into a minimalist and practical dressing. The use of floating dressing table makes the small space more functional, spacious and still minimalist aesthetic. 

Small bathroom design

A Muji-style bathroom need an artistic touch to make it even look better. To add pattern and texture to the bathroom, the wall bathroom tiles are installed in geometric pattern. This made the bathroom more inviting and does not look too boring. 


Additional hidden lights in this bedroom make the bedroom space look more dimensional. 

Shower box 

The glass shower enclosure is designed for comfortable use. Here, the occupants can place toiletries on a sink with open cabinet underneath. The warm lighting around the sink is also adding a more personalized look. 

That's all for A Home Tour : 20+ Image of Muji Style House with Minimalist Interior Design and Warm Tone. Hopefully, those pictures and ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about Muji style house. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : instagram/muji_home_by_sissay

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