A Tiny House with Refreshing Garden

Helloshabby.com -- Tiny houses began to surface with the movement to build tiny houses. In addition to providing affordable prices, small houses also have easy maintenance and do not take up space. If you have a large area, apart from being a small house, you can also maximize it as a garden that provides coolness and a myriad of other benefits. For more complete inspiration, see the following article about A Tiny House with Refreshing Garden.



 Tiny House Facade

The design of the house that is owned looks minimalist with a white color that looks bright and clean with a soft roof that has a perfect slope to drain rainwater. In the area around this tiny house, it functions as a garden where flowers and vegetables can be planted which can be used to stock up on food which can save your monthly expenses.


Minimalist Living Room

Having a natural concept, the interior of this house is also decorated with green plants that exude freshness. This living room has a minimalist design that uses a single sized rattan chair that can be used to receive visiting guests. This house is also dominated by interiors with wood and rattan nuances, both in the furniture and in the decoration.



Sunny Relaxing Spot

Although small, this house also completes a relaxing spot in the house by using a bohemian-style knitted hammock. For natural lighting, this room uses large windows with transparent glass combined with elegant white curtains. Not to forget, the presence of plants is a mainstay of decoration that is refreshing and provides maximum relaxation while relaxing at home.



Maximum Light Ventilation

In addition to using transparent glass windows, this house also maximizes its lighting by using open ventilation with a small grid model on the upper wall. This will provide fresh air and maximum light. For a neat appearance, this room is also equipped with a rattan shelf that matches the hanging hammock chair.



Dry Garden on the Backyard

Not only green gardens on the land around the house. In the back area there is also a relaxing spot surrounded by a dry garden with various arrangements. The transparent roof frame in this area can also be used as a place to hang plants that complement the appearance of the garden behind this house.



Neatly Lined Plants

The beauty that emanates from the transparent windows in this house feels natural without having to put plants in the house in large numbers. An arrangement that sits in an outside window can be an interesting option. The choice of plants is an important consideration for the appearance you want.



Exterior with Lush Plants

In addition to cacti and succulents that can give a neat impression on the exterior of the house, if you want a fresh and green look, use plants that have dense leaves. Plants with vines can be an option that you can use on your transparent glass window.




Hopefully, those A Tiny House with Refreshing Garden. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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