Best Purple Interior Designs and Ideas, Simple yet Beautiful! -- Some of us may be very fond, even addicted, to the color purple. It's not so surprising. Considering, the purple does tend to give a positive vibe. Let's say, royalty, elegant, calm even uplifting joy impression.  All these positive impressions come from a purple color.

Purple is also a good color for a house. Purple creates a stylish and sophisticated look, when properly applied. It's also the perfect color as an accent or contrasting color that make the house more lovely. We gather our best-loved purple interior designs that prove just how enchanting this color can be. For more ideas, keep reading for Best Purple Interior Designs and Ideas, Simple yet Beautiful!

Small front terrace with purple decorations


Lets getting started from the front terrace of this house! This house has a small front porch. You'll forget about its small size by looking at the purple decorations on this small terrace. Let's make a list of interesting purple decorations on this space!
  • The black tiled floor with purple tiles center in lively patterns, make this terrace look so vibrant. 
  • The owner can sit back and relax with two sets of chairs there. Don't forget the used drum table set in purple and the pretty purple flowers on it. 
  • Purple flowers neatly lined up in stacking shelves.
  • And more purple small decor. 
Although small, this terrace is so lively and lovely, thanks to the purple decoration around it. 

Soft and elegant living room design

Entering the house, you will be greeted by a minimalist purple living room. Don't go overboard when it comes to design a living room with purple! You need to know the best combination that work well with purple. Like in this living room. The floor and wall left in white and soft-pale purple color. This neutral color as a background for decorations and furniture in shades of purple. Making the purple things look even more stand out. 

Lovely purple bedroom design


Get a cozy but also beautiful bedroom with an all-purple design. The trick is to use shades of purple that are softer and less intense. Draw focus by adding patterns in the bedroom. Get the plain walls a lovely wallpaper with a soft purple shade and beautiful tendril flowers. Make it more matching by choosing bed linen in purple and striped patterns. You can even add a purple canopy bed to give the impression of a purple bedroom style princess bedroom.  

Paint the wall in matter purple paint

Lovers of purple interior color, it feels incomplete if you don't apply purple paint to the room. Alternately, you can paint the walls of the dining room in a matte purple color. Yes,  purple may be an unusual color for a dining room. However, if you're brave to apply it, it will give you an exotic feeling. Complete the dining room design by picking a dining chair also in purple color. 

Small and vibrant kitchen design


A small kitchen that looks so vibrant, why not? You can have a thematic small kitchen in purple. Use an all-purple color for your kitchen furniture and appliances. Liven up the kitchen with pattern in some kitchen furniture. Let's say, purple countertop in gorgeous natural granite pattern, mosaic-patterns tile to the small stickers on the cabinet door. 

Anti-boring fresh element

A house with all-purple shades can make the owner bored more quickly with the atmosphere in it. Get around this by adding an element of refreshment to the interior design. It's as simple as putting greenery in a plant holder. It will give you a fresh visual as well as it provides better air quality in the house. 

This purple house is so unique. This house is not that spacious, but it can provide a different atmosphere with a purple color in it. Let's say, a purple terrace with fresh look, an elegant living room to a vibrant small kitchen. 

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