Two-storey Minimalist House with Lots of Beautiful Natural Wood -- This time, we will invite you to see the two-story house in an eco-friendly concept. It is one of the residential house in the Philippines. Built in a tropical country, this house takes the eco-friendly concept that presents a home that is environmentally friendly, beautiful and comfortable. 

This house can be your inspiration to make the house eco-friendly, family-friendly and pocket friendly. See more details in Two-storey Minimalist House with Lots of Beautiful Natural Wood.

Two-story house with bamboo accents

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The concept of this two-story house can be seen from its exterior features. We can see, the wooden fence adds a natural impression. On the exterior wall of the second floor, the finishing of the wall uses bamboo stem accents that installed in a tight line. All these natural wood accents make the house look freshly beautiful. 

Small garden with fishpond

Add something fun to any of your small garden. Like this house. The house has an exterior feature in the form of a small garden. A fun feature! Build an ornamental fishpond there. Large leafy plants around the pond add a cool effect to this garden. 

Outdoor seating with wooden look

Complete the garden with seating. This seat will help you to enjoy the atmosphere of the garden. The choice of seating with a design such as pieces of wood sticks, gives the impression of a seat that blend naturally with the nature. 

Fresh open living room

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Beautiful natural wood accents also enter the living room. For example, the use of wooden floors and sofas with wooden frames. This living room will always be fresh, thanks to the windows that can be opened optimally. The use of white curtains will give a softer natural light effect on the living room. 

Beautiful wooden seating

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This space look so eco-friendly. Thanks to wooden seating around it. The houseplants around the seating also add a natural vibe that look so fresh. Even decorations use natural elements. Like a dry log used as a lamp place. The existing lights provide a more cozy atmosphere. 

The wooden partition for open-space

Open space requires partition. Partitions will at least be decorative barriers in the house. The use of bamboo partitions does not provide full privacy. However, this partition provides a more vibrant space with beautiful natural wood in it. 

Sturdy wooden stairs

What about the stairs? Instead of the usual stairs of fabricated materials, homeowners also prefer wooden stairs. Wooden stairs made of sturdy wood material, a kind of teak wood. Railing stairs using bamboo tree trunks that line neatly. 

The space under the stairs

Every corner is well-optimized, including the lower room of the stairs. The area is used a relaxing place or reading room. A hammock of bamboo easily caught our attention. 

The open kitchen 

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Choosing an open kitchen concept has several benefits. Togetherness can be more pronounced with an open kitchen. The open kitchen allows you to chat while cooking with other members in the room near the kitchen. 

A wooden touch in the kitchen

Do not let the concept of natural wood unused in the kitchen! Use in the form of kitchen furniture. Cabinets with wood materials and a minimalist bar table from wood will make the interior of the house more harmonious. Th appearance of wooden furniture is so elegant, because in the finishing process, the wood is polished with natural wood colors so that the impression is more natural.

Balcony with wooden furniture

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More and more people are enjoying relaxing outdoors. You can make the balcony one of those places. This balcony has wooden furniture, such as wooden tables and chairs. All of natural elements and natural wood make this balcony blend naturally with outdoor atmosphere. Enjoy the view of outside of the house, while sitting relaxed on the balcony. 

Hopefully, those Two-story Minimalist House with Lots of Beautiful Natural Wood are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about eco-friendly house. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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