7 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas You'll Love


7 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas You'll Love

Helloshabby.com -- Of all things, the bathroom must be with a neat arrangement and a clean look. But the functional must still run as the security should. Having a complete and clean bathroom is one of the fun things and will make the bathing activities more quiet. Various decorating ideas you can  be presented in the bathroom with mirrors, chairs, cabinet or other ornamental plants. It's also a bathtub. Check out this interesting ideas below:

Bathroom tile variation


Still, the bathroom needs an elegant look. Using an all-neutral and contrasting interior, gray tiles and terrazzo motifs you can combine for different areas. The surface of the wall with a selected arrangement of slate gray tiles will create the illusion of the direction of bright bulb lights.

Full sanitary


Sanitary in the bathroom should take precedence. Starting the layout from the end of the bathtub, toilet and the area near the door is the sink. This will give you a different bathroom. Use hexagonal pattern tiles made chess patterns will be more interesting.

Make it fun


It does not have to look formal to display a bathroom in a complete and modern home. You could have added some interesting access to the concept seat sitting below using seagrass. This will be very fun also so a clean reading area because the tiles are chosen dark colors.

Add plants


Tropical concept is the following bathroom will be the dream of many people. Beautiful visuals that are refreshing combined with an open roof provide a fresh and open atmosphere. Place tree-type ornamental plants such as palms to give a more dominant tropical effect.


 At the same time for the spa


Besides being comfortable for bathing and self-relaxation, the spa is a favorite choice that you can place directly in the bathroom using a luxurious gold feel tub. Add a touch of gold to some cabinets to make it look expensive.

Beautiful pop-art


The following idea will be more interesting for you to choose. Pop-art themed decorations will look cool and fresh, the view. Even small sizes will be saved because of the right decoration. Sanitary fatigue becomes the main thing that makes the bathroom more maximal.

Add glass partition


This last idea can be made an option for a small size. Minimalist white color with a modern glass partition complete mirror will give a wider visible space effect. Especially with brick accent walls make a natural effect and a more cozy atmosphere.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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