7 Green Bedrooms Ideas for the Perfect Relax

Helloshabby.com -- The bedroom is one of the favorite rooms for everyone. Comfort in it needs to be considered properly in terms of appearance and arrangement. One concept that is able to give peace to the room is the green color, which is, known to be fresh and able to provide positive energy in it. For those of you who are interested in a green bedroom, see the following review of 7 Green Bedrooms Ideas for the Perfect Relax.



 Wall Moulding Design


The first bedroom that you can, to imitate this concept, has green walls that use a wall molding design. The choice of green color, was chosen with a green tea color, which is softer and calming. In other areas, the walls of this room use white color, which gives a bright and spacious look.


Vibrant Green Color


Furthermore, the green color of this bedroom has a sharper tone and dominates the entire wall of the room. To give a balanced and not monotonous impression. White was chosen for the curtains and the bed.



Tropical Concept for Green Bedroom


The tropical concept used in this bedroom will be perfect for those of you who want a green feel in the room. The use of green feels more natural with the presence of plants as decorations arranged in small and fitting rattan pots. Sleeping in this room will give you extra serenity, especially the additional windows in this bedroom, are designed with a large size and are able to give the impression of being outdoor whenever you want.


A Right Design for Minimalist Room


Has a minimalist room, this bedroom uses a soft green color that is used on the entire wall. The arrangement near the window will give freshness to a minimalist room. Not only equipped with windows for air and light circulation. This bedroom, is also equipped with large light ventilation on the part adjacent to the ceiling, to give a spacious impression to the room.

A Touch of Green that Looks Stunning


Although not entirely green, this bedroom uses green in an organized manner so that it can become a focal point in the bedroom. The use of green, is chosen with a soft tone so that it can provide its own comfort for the owner. Not only that, a touch of green can also be obtained from the bed cover and also the side table around it.

The Best Layout for Minimalist Room


Using a minimalist style in a minimalist room, this green bedroom uses a bed placed in the corner of the room near the window. The use of green feels even more slick because of the wall decorations it uses. Although simple, this wall decoration is able to give a beautiful look to a green bedroom.



Minimalist Elegant Green Bedroom


This last green bedroom has a super elegant look with the perfect double bed. The green color used is not too flashy but is able to give a comprehensive beauty to the appearance of the room. For a touch of green that is getting maximized, the use of decorations in the form of plants is the right choice to apply.




Hopefully, those 7 Green Bedrooms Ideas for the Perfect Relax. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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