7 Unique Kitchen Island Designs

Helloshabby.com --  A kitchen island makes your kitchen more functional. You can get more countertop, cabinet, an eating area or even a small work sink. A free-standing cabinet with countertop will also make it easier for you for food preparation and additional cooking needs.

A kitchen island also adds style to your kitchen. Moreover, there are many interesting and unique kitchen designs that match your kitchen look. If you need more kitchen inspo with an island, here are 7 Unique Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen island made of teak wood


The kitchen island made of teak wood is a good choice. Wood with bare finishing touch, gives the impression of kitchen that looks so rustic and natural. The surface uses a solid laminated surface that is safe and strong enough for food preparing activities. 

This island used as informal dining area. The design of the lower part of the island table looks empty and protrudes back, so the chairs can be tucked into that area. Thus, the kitchen will remain tidy. 

Kitchen island design integrated with cooking place


The kitchen island design is equipped with a stove and cooker hood. This island table is the center of this beautiful kitchen. The arrangement allows for more efficient kitchen work.  Besides being functional, this kitchen island also add the visual appealing to the kitchen that match with kitchen furniture and decorations.

The elongated kitchen island


Bring something different with the island table. This kitchen island has an elongated design with a shape that almost resembles an L-shaped. The elongated design allows the kitchen to have more space for food preparation. The owner can even get a corner for coffee or quick breakfast. The surface of the kitchen island is also very attractive. Makes anyone not hesitates to spend time here. 

Incredible kitchen island design


A kitchen in dark tone shades will be more exotic with a kitchen island design like this one. The irregular bottom shape but sturdy, bringing a dynamism to the kitchen. This kitchen island made of natural stone called The Black Fantasy. Truly, gives a fantasy and luxury to anyone who owns it. 

Stunning kitchen island for a small kitchen


The small kitchen is more stylish with a small kitchen island. The height design is the same as other countertops. Thus, the kitchen space does not look piled up and remains roomy. This kitchen island can be used as an additional kitchen work table to a quick breakfast table. 

Moveable kitchen island design


You can use this kitchen chart as an island table too. The table design can be extended, so it is space-saving and multifunctional. Uniquely, this kitchen island design can also be moved, thanks to the wheels underneath. The wheels can be locked when you determine the right place, so it doesn't shift. 

Kitchen island design with granite countertop


The kitchen island design also comes with a variety of styles. You can choose an island with a granite or marble surface that has more elegant appearance. Mix and match a granite countertop with a beautiful lampshade ready to make this kitchen not only comfortable but also aesthetic. Granite or marble also has a long service life, so it can reduce kitchen renovation costs in the long term.

Hopefully, those 7 Unique Kitchen Island Designs are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen island design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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