7 Best Small Apartment Decor And Design Ideas


Helloshabby.com -- Feeling relieved and comfortable living in a small apartment can be realized with the concept of an open plan. Interior arrangement and selection of multi functional furniture is a requirement to present a comfortable room. The choice of living in an apartment is the best solution for you young couples who want to live independently.

Here are 7 best small apartment decor and design ideas that can inspire you!

1. Living room and TV room

 Living room and TV room in the same room is the best solution you can do to save space. The room filled with wooden interiors that bring the atmosphere of the room more homey.

2. Using the concept of open space

Present the impression of a more relieved room by using the concept of open space. In the same room there is a living room, dining room and kitchen. To avoid a full impression, use multi functional furniture.

3.  Minimalist TV Table

The selection of simple furniture aims to avoid the full impression on the room. For example, this TV desk equipped with cabinet features that you can use to store other electronic equipment. 

4. Using built-in furniture

Using built-in furniture can help you save space. The bed equipped with a cabinet at the bottom and a headboard. That way, the room will be arranged more neatly and practically.

5. Japandi-style bedroom

Japandi style always managed to bring a peaceful atmosphere in the room. This bedroom feels comfortable with the dominance of earthy colors. That your sleep also feels better.

6. Functional letter L kitchen

Kitchen design with letter L model looks functional in a narrow corner of the space. The dominance of beige colors brings a calmer atmosphere. Especially combined with lighting that adds beauty.

7. Small gray bathroom

Give an elegant gray touch to the small bathroom. Use mirror decors to reflect a wider room. Place a mirror in the corner, as in the example.

These are the 7 best small apartment decor and design ideas that can inspire you. I hope the information above can be useful to you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Instagram @ga.apato

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