Beautiful and Neat Purple House Ideas -- Purple is one of the colors that has many fans because it symbolizes peace and an expensive impression. The use of purple, is increasingly being used in both interior and exterior housing. The use of matching colors makes the appearance of the house much neater and conceptual. Several strategies can be used to avoid the impression of monotony, such as with color combinations or arrangement in a room. For purple house ideas, see the following reviews about Beautiful and Neat Purple House Ideas.


House Facade View

This house with shades of purple has a neat look with the accompanying white combination. The use of white, is presented from the fence and also the door and window frames. On the carport floors, use ceramics to give a neater impression and of course easy to maintain. On the roof, this house uses galvanize material, which has a more affordable price but still provides optimal functions.

Minimalist Terrace Design

It has a wider carport design, this house uses less of the terrace but functions well. The existence of the small terrace still feels fresh and not crowded with the plants placed on the shelves, so, that it gives the impression of being neat and organized.

The Perfect Purple Color Combination

This living room has a beautiful purple combination in the interior. The purple look comes from the sofa, which has a black combination. While the walls use white wallpaper which has a soft purple motif and does not overlap. So you can enjoy a varied but not boring living room atmosphere.



Dining Room and Kitchen in One Room

To provide optimal function of the room, the use of this dining room, is combined with the kitchen without any partitions. This will provide a fresh and not cramped atmosphere. To distinguish the area, the kitchen uses plain white walls while the dining table area uses neat purple and white stripe walls.



L-Shaped Kitchen Without Wall Cabinets

This purple-toned kitchen comes with an L-shaped layout that uses purple cloth curtains with a small polka dot motif that provides a beautiful variation but not too much. The backsplash area uses ceramics with beautiful floral motifs. Not to forget, the arrangement that is near the window makes it appear fresh and has maximum lighting.



Bedroom with Neat Arrangement

The last area that will be presented from this purple house is the bedroom. The bedroom has a dominant purple interior, both on the walls and the furniture. On the walls, the strip motif, was chosen with a wide size, while on the other walls it used a neat, plain purple color. For a dynamic look, the use of a white ceiling is the right combination choice.






Hopefully, those Beautiful and Neat Purple House Ideas. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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