Simple Stilt House Design with Stylish and Neat Interior -- Stilt houses are one of the designs that are widely used in areas prone to flooding and earthquakes. Although identical to the ancient buildings, this stilt house still exists today. Why is it called earthquake resistant? Because the pit is under the floor, creating space to release vibration energy from the ground so that only a small part of it propagates to the physical house. But this of course adjusts to the right standards in the building. Houses on stilts are also still popular because they are considered cheaper to build. For those of you who are interested, see the following review of the Simple Stilt House Design with Stylish and Neat Interior.

House Facade View

This stilt house has a simple design with a general model that uses a solid foundation at the bottom. The exterior looks natural by using wood material combined with bamboo. If you have small children, the design of the fence on the exterior of this house will provide extra security and is not dangerous, even with a tall building structure.



Terrace As A Place to Relax

Has a floor made of wood, this house uses walls and a roof made of beautiful woven bamboo. Maximizing well, the use of this terrace is used as a relaxing room equipped with wooden chairs that have a capacity of 3-4 people. In addition, this area can also be used as an outdoor living room for guests who are still foreign.



Another Relaxing Side of the Terrace

Having the remaining part of the terrace, the owner did not run out of ideas by creating a relaxing area on the floor without chairs. This area, is equipped with a small carpet with a table and small cushions to support comfort when relaxing with family. No less interesting, this house, is also equipped with cloth curtains around the terrace. It is meant to provide privacy and also provide a shady atmosphere.



Living Room with Wooden Chairs

The living room owned by this house has a simple design with wide glass windows. Similar to the terrace wall, this living room also uses woven bamboo. The design of the table and chairs using this wood has a small design that doesn't take up much space in the house.



Room with Open Plan

In addition to its minimalist size, this living room, is also left open without any partitions that are attached to the kitchen. To give freshness to the room, decorations in the form of plants are the right choice to clean the air due to cooking activities in the kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen with Neat Arrangement

Still with the feel of wood in the room, this kitchen designs the surface of the table using ceramic, which makes it easy to maintain and doesn't get moldy. The window design is also one of the mainstays in the kitchen so that it still provides a fresh and not stuffy atmosphere.


Bathroom with Modern Interior

The bathroom owned by this house uses a design that is no less modern than today's dwellings. The use of the interior, is chosen with more durable materials because the bathroom has a higher humidity intensity compared to other rooms, so it is necessary to think carefully about the application of the material in it.





Hopefully, those Simple Stilt House Design with Stylish Neat Interior. are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about snake plant care. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
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