4x7 Meters Two Story Half Amakan House Design With 2 Bedroom

Helloshabby.com -- Two story half Amakan house design is a dream home that offers more comfort for its users. The combination of rustic wall design with modern design element present the perfect look. Having a two-story house also allows you to get more space even with a limited of land.
If you are interested in designing your dream home. We have collected 4x7 meters two story half amakan house design with 2 bedroom specially for you!

Facade of the house

The facade of the two-story house with a combination of rustic styles above looks elegant with a modern touch. To bring a more spacious house, you can use the concept of open space with many windows.  With the facilities of many windows allow the appearance of a more elegant facade and make the room feel cooler because of the smooth air circulation.


 The living room is the first room that we will meet when entering the house. Neat arrangement especially with the combination of half-amakan interior makes the look of the room more stunning. The use of environmentally friendly interiors can also create warmer home vibes.

Beautiful TV room

 Enjoy watching TV with the family and friends feels more fun with the stunning design of the room. The TV table made in line with a homey wooden wall backdrop. To beautify the look, you can use a beautiful wall decors.


Kitchen and dining room in the same room

To help you save space, you can design the same kitchen and indoor room. One line kitchen looks functional in a narrow room.

The design of kitchen cabinets with an all-white color will present an elegant, clean look. Both rooms also have interrelated functions, of course, both activities will run more effectively.

Homey bedroom design

The bedroom designed with environmentally friendly materials so that the room feel homey. No exception, the ceiling looks elegant with wood materials and lights that stand out. The ceiling design made higher also makes the room below feel cooler.

That's two story half amakan house design that can inspire you. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     :  Design COMPASS 90

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