Amakan House Design in Blue Color (65 sqm) -- If you follow the development of the design of the Amakan house, you may often see traditional bamboo woven walls in their natural colors, natural light brown in repeated diamond patterns. However, Artman offers a more varied color Amakan house design. For example make bamboo woven walls in vibrant blue. If you're wondering about this, here are Amakan House Design in Blue Color (65 sqm).

Front of house design


The design of the Amakan in the blue color scheme certainly looks unique. This can also make the House of Amakan more modern and personal, according to the owner's taste. The selected blue color is deep blue, which makes the house look striking. Blue is also added to the roof lines. White color in some parts is the thing that balances the look of the house. 

The side house terrace

If you used to see the terrace right in front of the terrace, this time it was different. The terrace is one of the side of the main door. This terrace can be used as an informal living room or a relaxing place outside the house. That way, access to the main door will not be disturbed by their activities on the terrace. 

The side of the house


With a side design of the house like this, the side of the house also looks like the front area.  So, you are free to determine the main entrance from the side or front of the house. The side of the house also uses blue. Unfortunately, the details of the woven bamboo can be less visible. For that, make sure to choose the right blue color combination for the walls.  

Home Window Design

This Amakan wall design is equipped with windows that allow the house to remain bright and fresh. The house window design looks simple with a rectangular model. These windows are installed at several point son the wall. The amount is large enough to stabilize the lighting and room temperature. 

Cool terrace design

This is how the terrace of this house looks. The size is spacious enough to put a set of sofas or outdoor benches. This terrace is also beautified with a rug in an abstract pattern with a beautiful blue color combination. This terrace will be a cool place to gather and talk casually.  

Kitchen and Dining Area


Although the House of Amakan tends to be traditional, nuances. However, it is free to design the interior in a modern style like this. To make it look natural, use a dining chair from wood rattan material. So, the feel of the house looks harmonious. 

Cozy Living Room Area


The modern living room will be a place to rest yourself. Complete with features that make you happy, such as television or whatever it is. Make the television area more attractive with the installation of wall mounted TV, the cabinet underneath can be a place for storage of goods and a place where you display the decoration of the space. 

Hopefully, those Amakan House Design in Blue Color (65 sqm) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about Amakan house design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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