Amazing Small Modern House Designs --  Modern small house design is the best choice for those of you who want to have a dream home. Choosing a small house will help you save your budget. Especially if you combined it wit a functional, modern interior design. With the arrangement of an open space concept, an interior with many windows allows small houses to get natural lighting and look wider.
If you are interested in building a house, we have collected amazing small modern house design that you can use as a reference!

The design of the facade of the house looks homey with environmentally friendly materials. The exterior details of the walls look elegant with warm wood materials. Moreover, the facade of the house equipped with glass window facilities that make the look of the house more stylish and modern. The front porch of the house is also sturdy with two elegant black metal poles.
The front yard of this house is quite spacious with a stretch of green grass that can contain the atmosphere of the whole house cooler.

 The facade of the house is side viewed


The details of the facade of the small side-looking house still designed with shades of earthy colors that are homey. The side of the house also feature many elegant glass windows. To create a cooler home atmosphere, you can grow palm trees that will make the surroundings of the house more shady.

Using the concept of open space interior

 The easiest way to bring a more relieved impression in a small house is to use the concept of open space. With the concept of open space allows between the living room, dining room, and kitchen designed in the same room looks wider. Moreover, the selection of plain white wall interiors also makes the look of the house more neat.

 Bedroom in the attic

 The attic is an additional space that you can use into a functional room. One of them is the bedroom. The addition of attic space will help you maximize the capacity of a narrow house. The bedroom also made cozy with the use of charming wood material dominance.

Bathroom with glass partition

To separate between the shower area and the toilet, you can use a transparent glass barrier. With glass bulkheads allow, making the appearance of the room feel more relieved. The interior of the wall also looks attractive with  an elegant herringbone model ceramic arrangement.

That's the small modern house designs review. I hope the information above is useful. Thank you.

 Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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