Kids Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Rooms -- Designing and decorating children's bedroom is fun. Not only for children, but also for parents, especially mothers. A child's bedroom can be an experiment to present the bedroom of our dreams as a child. As long as the child likes it too. The small room doesn't matter to make a child's bedroom look so stylish and cozy.

Do you need one or more ideas to turn a small space into the bedroom of your little one's dreams? Here are Kids Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Rooms

Children's bedroom with a special nook


The kids are definitely growing up. Their room won't be like that forever. However, present sweet memories by presenting their dreamy bedroom.

You can give your favorite colors to the choice of wall paint. Pink clouds shapes that make the room look so fun. A small bedroom, with a pleasant single bed, can still be a play and learning area. You can also create a special nook zone for clothing and where they prepare when going to school. 

Small but spacious and fun bedroom ideas


White is a practical basic color as a small bedroom background. Shades of white will make a small space look bright and airy. For a child's bedroom, you can fill the white room with your little one's favorite decorations. Help your child to arrange their colorful toys as part of the room decor. Their toys can be displayed on cabinet tables, floating shelves and so on. Provide adequate storage, for example, choosing a bed with cabinets underneath. The bedroom will always look neat. 

Study corner


Where does your child usually study? If you run out of space for them to do their homework, make the bedroom a place for them to study, too. The empty corner next to the bed, make it a study corner. Set up a sleek floating study table like this. Provide floating shelves and wire mash shelves to hang decorations and tools they need.

Pink little bedroom


Get the kids distracted from the smallness of the room! You can design their bedroom with their favorite color. Girls like pink the most. This pink bedroom can be an example of a chic small bedroom design.

The white walls blend beautifully with the pink wood plank decor. The on floor bed in pink sheets also stay warm with a wood-tone vinyl or parquet floor underneath. 


Children's bedrooms are not always full of toys. You can make it simpler, as in the bedroom design above. Not much furniture or bedroom decor here. The goal is to make the room look neat and more spacious. Natural light enter from the window to illuminate this bedroom. The bedroom will also have good air circulation for your little one.  

On floor bed design that brimming with style


The low or on floor bed doesn't always make your little one cold. You can add a warm and thick carpet like this. Apply a theme to make the bedroom look aesthetic. Monochrome bedrooms are usually favored by boys. You can use a bed with a wooden canopy model like this, to bring an exciting sleeping experience for the children. 

Hopefully, those Kids Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Rooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small children's bedroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

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