7 Bedroom Ideas to Dress Up your Space

7 Bedroom Ideas to Dress Up your Space

Helloshabby.com -- The private room in the house is nothing but a bedroom. This is the underlying why the bedroom is important to be designed and neatly arranged so that the owner feels comfortable and feels happiness while in it. You can adjust the furniture in the bedroom as needed so that the available space is maximized properly. This time you will help you find a bedroom idea that you can mark the arrangement or all the decorations freely, the options are below:


Cover the walls with classic wallpaper


The first idea to beautify the bedroom at home is to use classic wallpaper. This design is very easy, you try to do without blocking small or large spaces in the room. Create comfortable decorations with a perfect design with lighting effect and piles of classic-style pillows. Play the texture of bed linen with a tropical theme and floor carpet to be used.


Japanese-style minimalist white theme


If you want a Japanese-style bedroom design, minimalist white themed decor, you can try to be exposed. Minimalist concept with a simple theme you can apply to the selection of lighting, details of rattan material to create a little rich color and texture.

Elegant with purple theme


Obviously, if the purple themed bedroom will be filled with a warm impression and comfortable elegant feel. You can apply the selection of purple color to some parts of the area, for example in bed linen, pillows and even wall paint used. No need to clutter the room by putting a lot of furniture, you can create a room with a little color and pattern that gives a strong texture in it.


Contrasting blue with the theme of the sea


Although the interior of the bedroom this time feels and looks darker, you can make sure the decor remains similar. Warm style with a sea theme will give a new little perfect touch. You can play with the color in this room with the pattern and texture plat that result from the use of fur carpet and some beautiful details in the corner in the form of standing lamps.


Use a flavorful color scheme


The bedroom does not also have to arranged more festive and full of furniture in it. You can find the right with pattern with size limitations in this room. If you like a softer and cleaner color, the combination of white with some brown details will fit you try, to try in the room with Scandinavia style.

Stunning pastel coloring


Beautiful bedroom images are not always with luxurious furniture in them, you can find new colors of soft and soothing pastel shades. Some beautiful details you can show in the selection of bed linen. Also, use a head bed that is not so large to anticipate excessive texture.


Redesign of the bedroom with a new, darker and more elegant scheme


The last idea is with a new look that will make sleep more comfortable. Contrasting dark black color details can be one option for the right combination with gold shades. Add beautiful illusions such as corner lighting so that the bedroom is more luxurious and seems expensive.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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