7 Best Bedroom Paint Colors, According to Home Decor Expert

Helloshabby.com -- Paint color affects your mood while in the room. Determine the best bedroom color that suits your character. You can choose colors with calm shades for a more calming room feel. You can also choose a vibrant pop color to give the impression of a bright and fun bedroom. Everything depends on you. Find the bedroom paint color that suits your taste on 7 Best Bedroom Paint Colors, According to Home Decor Expert.

Warm terracotta color


Give your bedroom earthy tones with serene atmosphere by using a warm terracotta paint 'Sang de Boeuf' by Edward Blumer paint. This color creates a rich focal point that contrast beautifully with white interior features around it. 

Navy paint color


Looking for a new shade for your bedroom walls? Consider picking navy paint color for that. Navy color provide calming and sophisticated vibe into the room. This color looks so beautiful as an accent wall. The navy wall complements any decor in the bedroom.

2-shade paint color


The bedroom can be a personal sanctuary. Make it as simple as possible by selection a fresh, new paint coat. You can choose a bluish gray in two color shades. One is cool tone, the one with lighter semicircular accents. To make this bedroom, you need color in the code polished cotton 0629 and simple serenity 0614.

Whispering wood


Holly B, a home decor enthusiast, pick paint in code-name Whispering Woods by Benjamin Moore. This color gives the impression of a warm and soothing bedroom. The walls of this color look well combined with the white furniture around it. 

Blue stone color


You can paint the bedroom wall with blue stone color. This color can give you a welcoming and tranquil vibe. You don't need to buy a new headboard, when you can paint one. Create a headboard with white paint in a curved shape. This white color also makes the walls richer in color. 

Pastel paint color


Brighten up your bedroom in pastel shades like this one. Make turquoise paint as the wall background color. Then, add a brighter pastel color accent to make the bedroom more colorful. 

White Mint


As the name implies, the white mint color gives the impression of a simple and cool bedroom. This color blend beautifully with soft furnishing in the bedroom. This is a great color choice for those of you who want your room to look bright, but not too overwhelming. 

Hopefully, those 7 Best Bedroom Paint Colors, According to Home Decor Expert With are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about bedroom color ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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