7 Mezzanine Apartment Ideas for The Urbanite

Helloshabby.com -- Today, many apartment designs have mezzanine floors in them. The mezzanine is an additional floor in the middle of the room, which opens to the floor below. In an ordinary studio apartment, you will find a bedroom that blends with the living or kitchen area. However, on a mezzanine apartment, you can get more privacy. With an upper floor that can be used as a bedroom separate from the room for daily activities.

The following are 7 Mezzanine Apartment Ideas for The Urbanite. You can use these ideas as inspiration to build a house with a mezzanine too. 

Minimalist mezzanine apartment ideas


The addition of a mezzanine floor allows you to have a room with a more special function, for example as a bedroom. Access to the mezzanine floor uses a floating staircase with slender railings on the edge. This mezzanine apartment design carries a minimalist style, with white colors and the use of light wood materials, which brightens up the appearance of the apartment.

Simple but attractive mezzanine design


Urban people need practicality and space efficiency, without compromising the aesthetic side of the room. A mezzanine apartment is the answer for it. With a multifunctional space that gives a sense of comfort and privacy, and a modern side that is no less interesting. The uniqueness of the mezzanine can be present through the curvy stairs that look so stunning. 

Suitable for city students


Young people, especially students, tend to like apartments with mezzanine in them. A mezzanine apartment has a unique modern and flexible feel than an ordinary apartment. Here, you'll find a bedroom, built-in wardrobe with sliding door type and a study desk for doing lectures. There is a curtain that covers the railing, thus providing privacy while sleeping on the mezzanine bed. 

Mezzanine level with modern arrangement


The finishing touches and arrangement of the mezzanine will affect the look and comfort of the apartment with mezzanine floors. Blue and white colors with a hint of natural wooden accents provide bright, modern and stunning mezzanine visuals. 

On the mezzanine floor, specifically for the bedroom area. With a glass railing that allows the owner to look at the open floor below. The living area is directly adjacent to the kitchen without any partitions. With a modern L-shaped kitchen, where the side of the kitchen countertops as a divider between the living area. 


This mezzanine apartment was named The Gallery by the owner. A simple arrangement makes the apartment looks spacious and airy, even with the additional mezzanine floor on it. The use of white color base gives a bright look. Not to forget, decorations include wall decorations,  such as a gray abstract painting, a unique round mirror, and special corners for placing decorations on the cabinet table.  

Perfect layout for small mezzanine apartment


This is an example of a mezzanine apartment with a not-so-large space dimension. You'll find a living, dining, kitchen area and a closed bathroom. Just like others, the mezzanine floor becomes a bedroom area, with a minimalist wooden staircase to access it. The composition of filling in furniture and emptying some space, is done in a balanced way, so it doesn't seem too crowded and not too plain. 

Adding ornament details


Adding decorative ornament details will make the mezzanine apartment more attractive. For example, choosing railings with unique repeating bound patterns. You can also pick the spotlighting for the kitchen area. Not to forget, decorating green plants to refreshing the visuals and air in the apartment. 

Hopefully, those 7 Mezzanine Apartment Ideas for The Urbanite are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about mezzanine ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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