Chic Bunk Bed Ideas for Girl's Bedroom -- There will be not boredom talking about bunk bed bedrooms. The bunk bedrooms does look more unique than a regular bedroom. A bedroom with bunk bed is also the right idea to maximize small space. This bedroom design can be used as a shared bedroom for twins or siblings. Alternatively, make the bunk bed design into a bed and other useful areas. 

If you are looking for a bunk bedroom designs that is right for a girl's room, here are Chic Bunk Bed Ideas for Girl's Bedroom.

Bunk bedroom with multifunctional platform

This bedroom does not look like other bunk bedroom designs. However, this bedroom has a multifunctional platform. Solid platform as a place to put the mattress, underneath there is also storage cabinets. You can make a built-in study table facing the bed. The existence of a small staircase leading to the bed and a unique headboard make this bedroom so dynamic. 

A bunk room idea with the girls need

In a bedroom, a girl need more than a bed. They need a place to dress up, study, chill and relax. Present it by making bunk bedroom design like this. The upper used as a place for girls to relax and play, with a safety railing. Access to the upper bed uses a small staircase which also equipped with drawers for storage. The lower bed becomes a bed and dressing table and or study table. 

Compact bunk bed ideas

A bedroom with a floating design like this gives a compact and sleek look. Even so, make sure the installation of the upper bed is firmly installed, so the desired thing does not happen. The bedroom filled with furniture in light gray, which looks simple and minimalist. The warm impression felt from the use of string lights and warm a carpet on the floor. 

Pink bunk bedroom design 


Girls love the color pink, which looks calm, sweet and cute. Apply this color to the bunk bed design for girls. You  can maximize space with a bunk bed design. Using the upper bunk as a relaxing space in the room. There is still a small space in the corner of the room to put a collection of toys or plush as decorations that beautify the room.

Add decoration to enhance the bunk bed

Create a beautiful and elegant bunk bedroom by adding some decorations on it. Beautify the walls by adding decorative frames according to the girl's preferences. Choose a contemporary style chandelier design, which not only illuminates the room but also adds a visual aesthetic. 

Bright bunk bed ideas


Yellow accents will make the bedroom look brighter and more pleasant. If you have a twin daughter at a young age, this bunk bed design in shades of yellow can be the best design option. Yellow color gives positive energy and cheerfulness. 

Hopefully, those Chic Bunk Bed Ideas for Girl's Bedroom are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about bunk bed ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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